Elders are Beautiful!

We were taught by the Greatest Generation

  • We have always held John Lennon's 'Imagine' within reach

  • 1968 was a time we still believe in

  • We are the generation of Vietnam, MLK Jr, and Robert Kennedy


We are the balance...

Wisdom of Elders is an opportunity for Inter-Generational Conversations


It is our turn...

International Gathering of Elders

Sisterhood Ohana is hosting the first annual ‘International Gathering of Elders' as a feature of Social Architecture via Wisdom of EldersOne Hand Up.

Stay Tuned!

Elders are those of us between 50 and 70 years of age and we have been gifted with experiences to share with others.  We do not have all the answers, we leave that job to Great Spirit, God, Mother Earth... inclusive of all Beliefs is our approach at Optimistic Vibe. No judgment, just gentleness, and kindness. Like you, we walk with peace in our heart.

What we have to offer is the wisdom gathered over the years from childhood to adulthood from all those that touched our lives.  It is inclusive, it includes parents, brothers, sisters, family, friends, co-workers --- it includes all the people who have left a “thumbprint” on our hearts with the lessons they have shared. They have all truly been a blessing and we are grateful they are still with us, in spirit or that we are blessed that they are still here with us.

As Elders, we want to give back.  We want to share what bits and pieces of life lessons that have left an impact on us.  Those thoughts that can give meaning and clarity to a younger person -- this is our passion.

With that being said ask yourself, “What is it that excites you?”

Think a moment about it.  Is it fishing, walking, biking, hiking, gardening, horseback riding, playing your guitar?  There are so many more passions we all possess.  The ones mentioned are maybe what you dream of and when you think of it they are passions that you have as individuals.  They are alone activities.  So, when you are alone what do you think about?  What do you dream about?

Do you look around you and realize how fortunate you are?  Does the reality of how fortunate you are give you cause to pause? 

Isn’t it overwhelming to think of how blessed you’ve been to have had the opportunity to acquire all your desires?  Do you ever take time to reflect on the amount of material things you have?  Do you ever think, gosh, I really have everything I want but I’m missing something?

Ask yourself what would you think about giving up “shopping” for one week?  The amount of “reserves” available in your home are enough to make it through a week without going out shopping.  Use what’s in the pantry, use what’s in the freezer, give up eating out.  Now, ask yourself how much would you have saved?  $100; $200; $500?

Have you ever given it real thought?  Have you ever considered that “buying” hasn’t really fulfilled the passion you have inside for maybe fishing, hiking, gardening or any of the other things we do for self-fulfillment?

Inspire yourself to set aside and save that money to put it to good work?  Think of using your funds to help someone else?  What if those funds were gifted or donated to help our environment, or our community, or a mother with children and what if you knew your funds were being applied to helping a Veteran?

The rewards of helping others gives us an abundance of inner happiness. Giving is the greatest reward.

What happens when you retire for the evening and you reflect on what you have accomplished for the day?  Do you reflect on the safety you may be provided for a single mother with child and provided food for them – or maybe you were instrumental in helping to provide shelter for a homeless Veteran or what about the foster child that no longer has a home to go to because they turned 18?

As Elders our passion is to be able to help our environment, to help the mother with children, that foster child that is now homeless and the homeless Veterans.  Maybe we can be instrumental in helping them through your help in donating or gifting to Optimistic Vibe?

At Optimistic Vibe, we are completing the requirements to obtain “B-Corporation” status.  For those wishing to step forward and contribute your gift/donation it is a tax deduction to you.  We have received confirmation of a donation of $15,000.  A matched contribution or a portion would show your faith in helping and contributing to those in need and our environment.  Strength in numbers will be the answer to accomplish our passion to help those in need.

Mahalo and blessings for showing support.

We all grow when information is shared. We all need Wisdom of Elders to help us become the best we can become. It is important to be good listeners. To be able to hear what it is our Elders are saying. Remember, they can say and share information because they have learned the lessons, or have been taught how or interpret life lessons.
— Jeannie Rasmussen

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Wisdom of Elders Foundation... it's our turn, together we can do our part. And here is our chance!


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