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Jeannie Rasmussen

How exciting would it be to WIN a lifetime experience?

A win-win opportunity to support a cause and to win a trip to Big Island Hawaii.  Maybe be gifted back with airfare for two and a VW Camper Island Tour.

But, first what sets up apart from the rest of the U.S. offering their pleas and requests for donations?  Why would you want to consider a gift to us?

Because we have a cause, a purpose and a plea for you help.  It has to do with the first commandment "to love one another".
Because we have mothers without homes, we have U.S. Military Veterans that are homeless and because we have a state; the state of Hawaii that needs our help with the environment. 

I know there are a lot of loving, compassionate and sincere pleas out there but my hope is that this one resonates with those of you that have a passion to help single moms, single homeless Veterans and care about our environment.

I am saddened when I say in 2014 the United States had 49,433 homeless Veterans.

The no. of women serving in the Military has increased.  Female Veterans have become the fastest growing demographic in American's homeless community.

They struggle to transition to civilian life and a number of them struggle with unemployment and homelessness.

The truth is the public often assumes that homelessness is a problem for individuals rather than families.
It is especially stressful on mothers.  Homeless women Veterans.  Moms that have a difficult time finding someone they can trust to watch their children so they can go to work.

The truth is at this time the V.A. has no childcare services to speak of.

Big Island Hawaii alone reported in 2015 a total of almost 8000 homeless individuals.

I am so excited to share with you a way to help single mothers, homeless Veterans and the environment PLUS win a trip to Kona, Big Island Hawaii.

We will offer 250 tickets at $175. each and for your gift you will receive a chance to win two airline vouchers, up to but not to exceed $1,000 dollars --- yes, TWO AIRLINE VOUCHERS plus you will receive a three day, two night VW Camper Island tour.

Our need: is to generate revenue that will be for the purchase of a VW Camper and funds to build a model tiny home.

Our goal:  is to employ a mother in need for the help needed to build tiny homes, to pull a model tiny home around the island for HGTV.  To utilize and recycle the discarded wooden pallets into tiny homes.

One of the hardest things to do is to put yourself in the shoes of another, like a single mom or a homeless Veteran.

But, when you "give" - when you can share with those less fortunate -- well, something inside of us can begin to stir.  You may not see it, but, I' pretty sure you'll begin to feel something wonderful, almost magical knowing you have impacted the life of someone in need.

It was with the vision of a friend that saw the need to recycle and keep our environment free from waste.  Everything on the island is shipped in and the over-abundance of wooden pallets is truly "excessive". 

If there is a way to recycle the wooden pallets it would also be a way to employ women in need of work and in need of shelter. 

Tiny Home Sisterhood is just that --- their mission is serving humanity for the purpose of showing compassion and love for one another by believing in themselves, proving self-reliance and becoming productive in society again.


You can support this cause with a gift of $175. and our gift back to you is the chance to win a trip to Kona, Big Island Hawaii PLUS you get a three day, two night guided island tour in a VW Camper.

Go to our website; - you can find information on the VW Camper tour and you will also find on the shopping cart an opportunity to become a member of for just $25.

I urge you to help make a difference -- be the difference.

Blessings for your kindness.

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One out of 250 chance to win Island Tour Guide, a once in a lifetime Hawaiian Adventure on Big Island for $175 (for 2 people)

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