Volunteer Tiny Home Hawai'i Experience

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Volunteer Tiny Home Hawai'i Experience


Win a 1 out of 10 Chance to win Hawai'i, Airfare + 5 Day VW Camper!

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5 Day Island Tour


Welcome to Passion for Tiny Homes!

Hawai'i Tiny Home Experience

Design with Lani’s 'Design By Heart'! Explore a better way for People, Environment, and Community… Join Lani & Ana as they team-up and deliver your dream to own a Tiny Home in Hawai’i to life on HGTV. Watch Robert as he builds Garden In Paradise… your home for your Pono Imua.

Join Ana’s ‘Tiny Home Hawai’i’ presentation to HGTV, be part of her Crew. Explore what connecting with your connection to spirit can provide you. Your tiny home dream is exciting, it will allow you the opportunity to create. Take a look at affordable living in Hawai’i. Your pro-environment position has a home, in the design of your home!

What you dream of building is unlike anything built before, it should be, its’ your voice and no one else’s. Discover how to create your exciting new lifestyle based on your passion. Discover your Truth Within to be the creator of what you stand for. You have an important message, share your voice with your like-minded community. Your vision is exciting, your contribution to community is important.

Be fearless, sharp, strong, and of self-actualization. You are a generous giving lightning rod, a positive force, make our mark. You are prolific!

Volunteer with a really cool group of like-minded people. Have fun helping yourself earn 20 Gifts by Christmas. We have all the tools you need! Just bring your smile:)

For every 20 Gifts you introduce us to you will receive one free entry Gift into the 1 out of 250 Gifts selected for one week with LILY!

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Tiny Home Hawai'i Experience
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One out of 250 Gifts of Opportunity for an Tiny Home Hawai'i Experience, a once in a lifetime Hawaiian Adventure on Big Island for $175 (for 2 people), a $2,500 value!

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