Cottage By The Sea


Cottage By The Sea

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One Native is funding our project with... Help us say 'As Seen on HGTV!'  Join our presentation to HGTV for our television show Tiny Home Hawai'i.

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There is music and waves crashing and scents and flavor and thought and love and time...

Welcome to...

Cottage By The Sea

Your Tiny Home in Hawai'i

Join an amazing crew as we prepare the community residential retreat center 'Garden By The Sea'!

Join our presentation of Tiny Home Hawai'i to HGTV for our national television show.

Join the TV Crew of our nationally televised show Tiny Home Hawai'i

We are organizing our Design Team! Belong on-air as our 'Guest Star'!

Join us as we design and build your 'Cottage By The Sea' Tiny Home in Hawai'i each week on Tiny Home Hawai'i.

All you have to do is tell us what you want -- we take it from there, on-air, on Tiny Home Hawai'i on HGTV* before a national audience.

Your 'Cottage By The Sea' will be built on-air Tiny Home Hawai'i by Tiny Home Sisterhood: 'Design by Heart. Built with Confidence.'

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