Hawai'i Help Wanted... R u a Tiny Homer?


'Environmental Confidence'

We are hiring... In search of a Tiny Homer filled with PASSION

We will train you to inspire people to honor Mother Earth, and all our brothers and sisters of Nature, with One Living Green by offering One Living Green Offerings from promoting ‘Did You Know’.


  • To kick things off we have a tremendous amount of excitement about our future as we bring to life the Tiny Home Sisterhood to launch ‘Tiny Home Hawai’i’ on HGTV so we can deliver Tiny Home Big Heart to a Veteran in need.
  • Offer LILY Cottage By The Sea in EVERY social marketing posting.
  • Our social marketing updates must appeal to young people, they are the foundation we are building our social marketing efforts around. We want to inspire them to join Tiny Home Sisterhood so they can help us build Garden By The Sea.
  • Our social marketing updates must appeal to Elders. We want to inspire them to join the Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation so they can help us by understanding the features & benefits of Cottage By The Sea.
  • Our social marketing updates must appeal to Tiny Home Nation, the HGTV audience looking for an island vibe lifestyle. Social market the attributes that ‘Garden By The Sea’ offers, such as self-reliance and multi-dimensional features and benefits.
  • Bottom line, we MUST offer LILY Garden By The Sea in EVERY social marketing posting.
  • At every posting we want to express why we get along well with everyone, such as our Gathering on Saturday mornings at A'ama Organic Farm. Our first Tiny Home Conversation must be social marketed via our Offering. This give us an opportunity to social market LILY Music For The People.
  • Organize Tiny Home Sisterhood and Tiny Home Big Heart sponsoring a gathering event at A’ama Organic Farm, Big Island, Hawai’i. Date: Oct 14.
  • Film Free Tiny Home Community Conversation at A’ama Organic Farm, educating public everything A-Z Tiny Home living, Music For The People, accept Applications to join us.
  • Promote… Join our amazing journey of our proposed weekly national television show on HGTV Tiny Home Hawai’i. Tiny Home Sisterhood is the new method of workplace, providing the opportunity, resources, and platform to prosper self-reliance, community sustainability… empowerment and confidence.
  • Create a video for fundraiser event by discussing LILY to haul scaled model of ‘Cottage By The Sea’ on Trailer by organizing the Tiny Home Sisterhood for promoting Tiny Home Sisterhood Membership by social marketing features and benefits of the island lifestyle of Tiny Home Resource Directory.
  • We were on HGTV with our first location in 2012. We are going back to HGTV with our presentation proposal based on action of the Tiny Home Sisterhood hosting/filming Tiny Home Community Conversations with Music For The People, and entertaining island tour guides.
  • Presentation for proposed national television show to HGTV, Tiny Home Hawai’i, collaborate with a professional marketing firm for the high level quality that must be produced to have our voice heard within HGTV.
  • Create video of lifestyle wrapped around Cottage By The Sea for professional marketing firm by illustrating ‘designed by heart’ approach of passion-based interior and exterior, ‘join our design crew’, be on HGTV with us’ and social marketing Design Consultation.
  • Tremendous interest in alternative living options in Hawai’i due to highest in America housing costs. Tiny Homes as a big hit, public is demanding answers, Tiny Home Sisterhood follows the public’s interest. Test marketed via OneIsland.org’s Community Conversations for Tiny Homes for Hawai’i Farmers.
  • Film action of working with Tiny Home Sisterhood as they organize the Tiny Home Community Conversation at the New Thought Center.
  • Organize Tiny Home Community Conversation via social marketing as sponsors of a gathering event at New Thought Center.
  • Our audience following our proposed national television show for HGTV, Tiny Home Hawai’i, appreciates an entertainment side as they vicariously enjoy being part of a vibrant group of women lifting themselves up and having exciting fun and island adventure in the process.
  • Organize the Team’s magnetic energy around LILY, producing invitational Tour Guides for our vacation package LILY Airfare & 3 Day Island Tour, conducting interviews of Tiny Home Owners around the island for Tiny Homes of Hawai’i book, and sharing Welcome Home for Musician Tips.
  • Create video having a conversation to HGTV Island Lifestyle enthusiasts about the purpose of Tiny Home Sisterhood enjoying Music For The People; conducting interviews of Tiny Home Owners (Barrie Rose, et al) around the island for Tiny Homes of Hawai’i book, promoting Welcome Home to the island music community and veteran outreach community, and lifestyle tour guides, with a focus on announcing Tiny Home Community Conversations at the New Thought Center

Pay +

·       $12+ per hour to start, help us grow

·       Tiny Home could be available should you need housing

·       Airfare, one way from the Mainland for the right person

Fine Print

·       We need to hire NOW, this Help Wanted offer expires Labor Day, 2017

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