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Safe Harbor Community of Self-Reliance

A’ama Organic Farm, Captain Cook, Hawai’i

Tiny Home Sisterhood is providing a platform for women, in a safe environment, through the resources, tools, and foundation of Self-Reliance for the betterment of society.
— Tiny Home Hawai'i

 The Ten Courtesies of Self-Reliance

1.    Self-Reliance begins with an appetite for knowledge.

2.    Self-Reliance is embracing the power of Simple.

3.    Self-Reliance is confidence to think, and apply, to improve.

4.    Self-Reliance is learning at least one new thing each day.

5.    Self-Reliance is to honor wisdom shared by Elders.

6.    Self-Reliance is Positive Attitude.

7.    Self-Reliance is a commitment to Personal Growth.

8.    Self-Reliance is keeping your word to truth.

9.    Self-Reliance is our importance in the value of Love, Honesty, Respect, Truth, Courage, Humility, and Wisdom.

10.  Self-Reliance is the belief of Self.

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