#1 Tiny Home Do It Yourself Kit

Your Temple in your Garden of Life

Do It Yourself Kit

Join the Tiny Home Sisterhood's Design & Build Team as we design and package your DIY Kit.

Our mission is to fair trade with you for something we believe you are going to really love!

The Tiny Home Sisterhood is located at A'ama Farm, Big Island, Hawai'i, we are eager to start building our future, your future, the future of our children's children. One tool for us that we are strengthening with Action not words, is the tool called Money. Money is a tool used by the Tiny Home Sisterhood to advance our positive movement forward.

The Tiny Home Sisterhood is reaching out to you to join the Design & Build Team. In fair trade, we are offering to trade to you complete access to a very important online resource... Interested in anything and everything regarding Tiny Home in Hawai'i with up to the minute information:

  • Tiny Home Hawai’i Interactive Online Community
  • Lifestyle (Alternative, Off-Grid, Organic)
  • Resource (Education For The People)
  • Community (Optimistic Vibe Hawai'i - Music For The People)
  • Tiny Home Sisterhood Bulletin Board
  • Caretaking Opportunities
  • Reference Library (Blogs, YouTube videos, etc, what we like)

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