3 Passions for Tiny Home Hawai'i

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a positive energy star with a vision that matches the Tiny Home Sisterhood design and build of the first Tiny Home Hawai'i. Role in film documentary is working with your construction knowledge of building Tiny Homes, hands on experience of working with common hand tools, and sharing your Tiny Home passion with the audience of our How-To Tiny Home Hawai’i television show on HGTV. Your film crew follows your lead shooting footage for How-To Tiny Home Hawai’i workshops, presentations, and field trips to Tiny Homes around the island with interviews to support our HGTV television show, and film documentary for Sundance. Location: Must live in Hawai’i, or willing to relocate. Apply Online>

3 Passions for Tiny Home Hawai'i

1) Do you support people building tiny houses?

2) Do you have a tiny house development or intentional community?

3) Are you a builder, contractor?

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