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Our Mission:

To bring with ease for Single Mothers of Hawai’i, new foundations for the new paradigm of Awakening Your Truth Within. To honor that on the path of Awakening Your Truth Within: One day you, next day me. To foster the strengths women and children have, and be a beacon under the Ancient Elders teachings. To foster a path of discovery and unimaginable solutions as women speak their truth.

Super excited!

Lani & Melinda are launching Sisterhood Ohana on March 21, 2018 at the Hawaiian Cultural Center of Hamakua. Join the Sisterhood Ohana and attend our FREE Alternative Homes Community Conversation to announce your ‘Garden In Paradise’.

Lani & Melinda

Lani & Melinda

Our purpose is our Cultural Gift to Hawai'i

We are One Love, One World, One Native

We care, ‘Pono Imua’, our voice being heard directly for the people, environment, and community.

We are gathering your voices by hosting Alternative Homes Community Conversations regarding much needed Housing Options in Hawai’i.

‘We are a group of organized women, strong and confident. We are building homes of self-reliance on state-owned land as an experimental model of Social Architecture to benefit our children for the next seven generations. We are gathering public input from people at our public events at five libraries and four cultural centers, plus input from community leaders and civic leaders, and with federally-funded University of Hawai’i Small Development Office, we are gathering very important input from Educators. Then it’s off to the Governor for signature.’
— Lani Obina

With the University nearby to help...

At the Alternative Homes Community Conversations we host we are gathering input from the people’s voices, and input from Civic Leader’s voices. We are presenting our findings to our friend, elected-officials Cindy Evans and Jen Ruggles, for review and comment.

Our mission is to deliver a voice of sound reasoning for leasing 20 acres of state-owned land for a group of single mothers with child in need of home with a proven model of self-reliance. We are honorably delivering our message to Hawai’i County Council Member Tim Richards. 

Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation
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By supporting us you will be helping single mothers in Hawai’i in need of housing and a safe community. You will help provide young people with resources, tools and a platform to grow. Donating to the Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation will also help provide young people with a “pay it forward” start up funding to bring their project to life.

Thank You!