Tiny Home Hawai'i

Tiny Home Sisterhood's crowning achievement is Tiny Home Big Heart... Single Mothers in need of tiny home shelter for herself and children. With a One Hand Up opportunity to assist her.

Tiny Home Hawai'i is opportunity for her to discover self-reliance through Social Architecture.

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Tiny Home Community Conversations

Tiny Home Hawai'i is hosting Tiny Home Community Conversations as we deliver FREE events for public awareness of Tiny Home lifestyle. Discover everything from the costs of Tiny Home living, Zoning, Building, Off-Grid options, to Alternative Housing options, etc.  all for FREE!

Tiny Home Conversations are offered to the public as Education For The People. Join the Tiny Home Sisterhood as we film each FREE public event for our presentation to HGTV for our weekly nationally televised show Tiny Home Hawai'i.

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The Tiny Home Sisterhood is traversing Hawai'i with Tiny Home Community Conversations, raising awareness and answering all questions from the Public regarding Tiny Home living.

Each Tiny Home Community Conversation is filmed for our presentation to HGTV for our weekly nationally televised show, Tiny Home Hawai'i.

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Tiny Home Big Heart

Tiny Home Big Heart

Not since the Great Depression have so many Single Mother’s with Children been without homes, more than 200,000 children have no place to live.

The impact of homelessness on Single Mothers is profound. Many experience anger, self blame, sadness, fear, and hopelessness. Mothers experiencing homelessness have significant histories of interpersonal violence. For them, the experience of becoming homeless is another major stressor amidst already complicated traumatic experiences.

  • Over 92% of homeless mothers have experienced severe physical and/or sexual abuse during their lifetime
  • The typical sheltered homeless family is comprised of a mother in her late twenties with two children.
  • Among all homeless women, 60% have children under age 18
  • 1 of every 4 homeless women is homeless because of violence committed against her

What are the experiences of homeless children?

Children experience high rates of chronic and acute health problems while homeless. The constant barrage of stressful and traumatic experiences also has profound effects on their development and ability to learn. Violence plays a significant role in the lives of homeless children.

  • Approximately 1.6 million children will experience homelessness over the course of a year.
  • 42% of children in homeless families are under age six
  • By age 12, 83% of homeless children had been exposed to at least one serious violent event
  • Almost 25% have witnessed acts of violence within their families
  • 15% have seen their father hit their mother
  • 11% have seen their mother abused by a male partner

*Source:  www.greendoors.org

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Tiny Home Big Heart
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Bring your pride to life... Join the Tiny Home Sisterhood in caring for a sister with child(ren) in need of shelter, Tiny Home Big Heart.