One Hand Up (not a hand out)

Designed by Heart, Built with Confidence


One Hand Up: Opportunity & Growth

Tiny Home Big Heart is people working together in collaboration to provide real opportunity of employment, support, and resources to get her where she wants to be. Learn More >

Sisterhood Ohana

Tiny Home Big Heart is Sisterhood Ohana providing alternative housing options to the beautiful people of Hawai’i as a cultural gift of Aloha. Learn More >

Living Culture

Tiny Home Big Heart is a Cultural Gift. Learn More >


Tiny Home Big Heart is dedicated in honor to the memory of all Veterans. Learn More >

How-To Tiny Home Hawai’i

Tiny Home Big Heart is repeating our appearance (we hope!) with a weekly nationally televised show on HGTV called 'Alternative Homes Hawai’i' filled with Sisterhood Ohana excitement!


Tiny Home Big Heart is a Collaborative Project of Human Sustainability addressing social concerns, such as Homelessness, with Pro-Positive win/win/solutions that benefit our community, environment, and people.
— Real Transparency