One Hand Up (not a hand out)

Designed by Heart, Built with Confidence


One Hand Up: Opportunity & Growth

Tiny Home Big Heart is people working together in collaboration to provide real opportunity of employment, support, and resources to get her where she wants to be. Learn More >

Tiny Home Sisterhood

Tiny Home Big Heart is Tiny Home Sisterhood providing alternative housing options to the beautiful people of Hawai’i as a cultural gift of Aloha. Learn More >

Local Culture

Tiny Home Big Heart and the Tiny Home Sisterhood honors indigenous culture from our heart around the world. Learn More >


Tiny Home Big Heart is dedicated in honor to the memory of all Veterans. Learn More >

How-To Tiny Home Hawai’i

Tiny Home Big Heart is repeating our appearance (we hope!) with a weekly nationally televised show on HGTV called How-To Tiny Home Hawai’i filled with Tiny Home Sisterhood’s excitement!

Portland Tiny House Conference April 8/9

Tiny Home Big Heart is being delivered to America from Tiny Home capitol of the world, Portland, Oregon on April 8/9 from our booth and display at the Tiny House Conference. Come and Join us!


Tiny Home Big Heart is planning to travel from our national announcement in Portland to HGTV, and then it’s on to share our good news with Oprah!


Tiny Home Big Heart is capturing our amazing journey on film for our documentary for Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival. From there, who knows... Good Morning America, CNN, the Today Show… Join us and be part of the excitement!

General Store

Tiny Home Big Heart is bringing you tremendous value through a very unique Tiny Home General Store. We want you to be part of us, and we want to be part of your passion for Tiny Homes! Let’s do it together!

Follow Our Exciting Blog!

Tiny Home Big Heart is inviting you to become part of our amazing community!

Follow us to Austin!

Tiny Home Big Heart is proud of our veteran outreach Music For The People’s “Welcome Home” project. We are on our way to Austin and Toby Keith! Catch the exciting vibe!

Tiny Home Big Heart is a Collaborative Project of Human Sustainability addressing social concerns, such as Homelessness, with Pro-Positive win/win/solutions that benefit our community, environment, and people.
— Real Transparency