Robert John Cook

Robert John Cook

As the Author of the book 'Optimistic Vibe', Robert practices Seven Teachings daily and shares his passion through his art, music, and writing, learn more >

Jeanne Rasmussen

Jeanne Rasmussen

Drawing upon her vast professional career experience in Banking, Jeanne brings an invaluable resource for professional guidance to the Wisdom of Elder's project, learn more >

Fiona Griffith

Fiona Griffith

Daughter of famed 'Blue Water' authors, Dr Robert & Nancy Griffith, Fiona has a passion for the Tiny Home Sisterhood and the purpose of self-reliance it serves in her parent's name, learn more >

One Native is making the world a better place with Action, not words...

In a unique film documentary One Native is bringing Social Architecture to life to show a better way of life for People, our Environment, and our Community.

Got Native Pride?

Should we really wish to make the world a better place, we have to start with the proper tools.

One Native is the proper tool called a Benefit Corporation.

Why is being a Benefit Corporation important to you, your children, and your Ohana?

Benefit Corporation allows Optimistic Vibe the proper tool for a different form of business approach.

Imagine Native Roots designing a business model based on the spiritual teachings from our Ancient Elders?

Love, Honesty, Respect, Truth, Courage, Humility, and Wisdom.

A way of 'doing business' for countless generations, handed down and practiced by cultures since forever.

Social Architecture

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