Robert John Cook is offering all of us a shared hand to improve our streets, our culture, our senses and our lives. His ancestors arrived here four hundred years ago searching for a particular salvation—and Robert has presented now a program which will shine a light.
— Maxwell Taylor Kennedy

Social Architecture

Many thanks to the Small Business Development Centers of the University of Massachusetts, and the University of Hawai’i, five years in the making. The social experiment called Optimistic Vibe is to illustrate Self-Reliance as the re-designed Business Model by applying Social Architecture to social concerns.


Pono Imua is sponsoring a series of FREE Community Conversations presented around the island of Hawai'i, concerning non-affordable housing and the impact of social concern to children in need, specifically for Single Mothers. Applying Social Architecture to the social concern has prompted development of self-reliance for

Come, the first of these FREE Community Conversations takes place on Monday, May 14, 3:30-5:30, North Kohala Public Library (next door to Takata’s Store), 54-3645 Akoni Pule Hwy, Kapa’au. The event at the North Kohala Public Library is the first in a series to be hosted at each of the twelve public libraries on Big Island.

Learn more > FREE Community Conversation

Optimistic Vibe



Simple Language

Social Architecture is looking at social concerns with the harmonious integration of the people, environment, and community in a self-reliant way.

Social Architecture is the use of people, environment, and community as the basis for designing integrated systems of a practical, creative approach to self-reliance in addressing our community's social concerns.

Social Architecture addresses the way we live together as a community in a graceful and healthy way, where the elements interact in mutually beneficial ways to produce results, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Social Architecture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against competition; of looking at benefit to all and being the Good Neighbor in all our functions, rather than treating any area as a single-product system.

Social Architecture gives witness to addressing social concerns, and building self-reliance as a beneficial future legacy.

Social Architecture is an ethical design tool, creating self-reliance through the integration of diversity, stability, and resilience in culturally-sound, ecologically-sound, economically-viable answers to address social concerns as a business function.

Social Architecture is a world-wide movement of designers, teachers, and grassroots advocates working to advance people, environment, and community for Self-Reliance.

Social Architecture is the ethical and holistic foundation to address social concerns for self-reliant culture, environment, and community.

Social Architecture is a body of knowledge susceptible to learning and teaching, a way of organizing knowledge, connecting systems that integrate diverse experiences and resources for addressing social concerns.

Social Architecture is an innovative science that balances community development with ecological sensitivity to address the social concern.

Social Architecture is a natural ally to an organic approach to social concern problem-solving for caring of people, environment, and community development.

Social Architecture integrates the human community into the business community, a design providing self-reliance within a balanced and healthy cultural, environment, and strengthened community.

Social Architecture is people, environment, and community as the basis for utilizing technology for community development with an ethic of self-reliance by interacting with the social concern in mutually beneficial ways.

Social Architecture is to create abundance from the social concern through self-reliance.

Social Architecture works to address the social concern with natural forces to create productive people, environment, and community.

Social Architecture is a way of designing and living sustainably through One Hand Up as one tool of many to address the social conern.

Social Architecture is the paradigm shift of Wisdom of Elders for a voice of experience and history to address the social concern.

Social Architecture is addressing the social concern in a graceful and healthy way, respecting our environment, and leaving Mother Earth in a more productive and healthier state than we found it.

Social Architecture is a way of life dedicated to making the world a better place by addressing social concerns one at a time, by listening to the People, Public, Community Leaders, Civic Leaders, Educators at the University level, and Politicians.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.
— Henry David Thoreau

12 Features of Social Architecture

1. Addressing social concerns is rapidly growing, those practicing Social Architecture to make the world a better place around the world, they have an optimistic vibe of Self-Reliance to demonstrate to others a peace, harmony, and thankfulness that fosters a balance among people, environment, and community.

2. Those that practice Social Architecture around the world live with love in our hearts and we walk an honest path in our life to demonstrate Real Transparency.

3. Social Architecture believes Giving is the Greatest Reward we will ever receive.

4. Social Architecture is the truth we seek is present-moment awareness of the love we give, and cherish. By practicing present-moment awareness in our workplace we enjoy the optimistic vibe of harmony, which makes for an amazing team approach.

5. From being humble, those practicing Social Architecture are creating the platform for understanding all our relations, our simple humility allows us to be equal to others as one. In practice, we call this One Hand Up.

6. Join us as we explore the future of Social Architecture and build and share together.

7. Social Architecture is respect for the creative genius that opened the doors for us to follow in their footsteps, they taught us that passion will lead us to our purpose when we believe with everything we’ve got.

8. Join Social Architecture by Awakening the new world with the platform of tools for Empowerment, Passion, and Confidence.

9. Around the world, Social Architecture is awakening the new world with the platform of tools for reaching inside ourselves to empower.

10. Standing in number, and with Social Architecture from their heart, we are awakening the new world with the platform of tools for empowering our journey of evolving wellness.

11. Join us and bring your vision for a better world, Social Architecture is awakening the new world with the platform of tools for utilizing your creativity to empower your Self-Reliance.

12. We are global and circling the planet, belong to amazing people with amazing projects awakening the new world with the platform of tools for empowering ourselves to join in with universal positive energy around the world.