The Waves and Ripples of Unconditional Love' by Melinda Polet

It’s never what we’re looking for that’s important, so much as the eagerness and hopefulness that animate the looking.
— Pico Iyer

In the stillness of a Hawaiian Sunset...

Doing more research for the “funding” of our Sisterhood Ohana, I come across Isabelle Allendes’ foundation. Set up for her daughter, Paula, who died in 1996, only in her late 20’s. I can immediately relate. I lost a nephew, like a son to me, who helped me conceive of the Sisterhood Cottage, a place where women could come together and feel safe, in 2014.I didn’t know what else he meant as he spoke from the other side, but I knew that I was already beginning. No matter where I was; In Canada, where my oldest daughter was taken from me by the Den Hague Convention. I didn’t know when I would see her again. Or, for my younger daughter, who was almost taken from me through a series of events I care not to explain. Just “life” stuff. An amalgamation of an accident, of heartbreak, of self-destruction, of societal destruction, societal mistrust.

I didn’t know then what I know now.

In the aftermath of the Florida shooting, it is evident that our social architecture is vastly imbalanced. Whether these children that are shooting are a product of nature or nurture, it is clear that they are receiving the incorrect information from SOME kind of source.

I read this week that the women running for office has increased 350% since the election in 2016. I discovered that my 11 year old daughter is on track to be one of those women. As am I. Although, I am not doing it as a woman in office exactly.

I have, however, exacted my past and my present, with my background in the yogic and healing and performing arts to realize that we need some kind of a grounded, healthy fantasy to keep us inspired, to keep our children inspired.

Woman after woman are coming to me to help them build dome structures for their healing centers. Woman after woman is realizing her vision. Of a place to help, to help others heal.

This comes during a time when new leadership is being asked for on a very broad scale. This leadership is coming from women and the collective feminine energy that is coming up to be healed.

So too, is the masculine, as more and more men step up to accept accountability for things that they haven’t personally done, but, on a collective level, have to own up to. And, only women can bring that out in them. When women feel safe, we don’t blame. When women are cared for, have a home and a means to involve themselves in their communities, they no longer bear the wound of thousands of years of oppression and they move forward and help their families and communities in practical and far reaching ways. We are in that time.

If we can stay on the balanced side of the light, watch our thoughts, watch our actions, manage our personal affairs, on the most basic of levels, we can accomplish ANYTHING> All it takes is ONE  person to tell our  children, who are struggling in school; with bullying, with their challenges, that they are worth it, that they are seen.

I had that one person for my child this week. A nurse at the school. My daughter ( a budding therapist, not by choice, by destiny) goes to the Nurses office a lot. She needs adults to talk to. She was kind of born like that. A little adult.  At her previous school, it was the councilors office. For me, this counselor, although skilled and well-meaning, would often mistake my daughters cries for help as the big enough cry to call child and family services (the big current “thing” for our tired communities dealing with overwrought children.) We changed schools this year and the councilors seat is now given to the school nurse, a woman my age, who has been through it all. Has seen it all and has nothing to hide.

Except that she nominated my daughter for a leadership program in Washington DC. She “saw” my daughter. She saw her as so many others have seen her, but that is hard to believe as a mother sometimes, when we are in the day to day. I only pray that these gems remain within the psychic framework of her tender being.

But this week, something really tangible emerged. As well as other miracles, of which I will explain in the coming weeks, as we continue with the vision of Sisterhood Ohana.

“It’s never what we are looking for that’s important, so much as eagerness and hopefulness that animate the looking.”

Pico Iyers words ring so true as, I am reminded, when talking with my dear women friends about this project that, even if only one home gets built, it will be enough. It is the energy behind what we are doing that is causing waves and ripples, big enough to fill an ocean of hope.

May the waves and ripples of your current inspiration cause storms of unconditional love. Aloha and, in unconditional love. Melinda

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