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Enchanted Village Ohana

There is nothing new under the sun

Do we know the true meaning of this statement?

 Lani Obina and Melinda Polet

Lani Obina and Melinda Polet

I can speak to my generation (growing up in the 70’s) and interpret it as “Don’t bother trying anything new,  we’re just going to throw a nuclear bomb on it anyway.) With all the muppets and John Denver goodness of my generation came along the threat of nuclear war, the threat of Dr. Spock Parenting, the threat of being dissatisfied with your life because there wasn’t any job security anyway, and, the threat that ultimately, you didn’t have the genius it really took to make a difference, you were just going to grow up and be a consumer anyway.

All these fears were real to me and some of them came true, because I bought into this statement.

What I have come to truly understand from this statment is that the sun, that force that is awakening within us, (the Christ Consciouness within, yes, WE are the second coming) is that we are born to be who we are meant to be, to become golden. It’s already within us, to reach our potential in this lifetime. WE are supposed to be here, we have a purpose, we don’t have to re-create the wheel, we can follow the ease of the wheel, help and be helped. That is nothing new. That has always been and will always be.

When we are trying to discover, uncover our genius from our minds only, we fall short. WE become exhausted. It is our heart that informs. It takes our reasoning, our golden innocence (nothing new, but forever made new) and our heart combined, to form our intuition. Which is God Given. “Go here, talk to this person, “Nope, that person may look all light and fluffy, but, something in my gut is telling me…..”

We form new patterns in our brain, entrainment, as it is now coined. We re-language. We re-member, not from the old data, but from the divine spark. We connect with the archtypes that inspire us (see last weeks blog on Joan of Arc.) Then, the only way to go is inspiration.

I have experienced miracles this week because of this brain entrainment.

All of us here at TIny Homes Sisterhood have been practicing this new frequency in our brains for quite some time, and, like many others who are awakening at lightening speed, we cannot go back. It is so good.

So, one of the miracles I experienced this week came in response to the question;

“If we are re-envisioning our future, with the children designing and helping to build the homes, how does it actually look?”

The unseen forces replied in the form of, well, the children.

They just started showing up. At my house, asking for building materials, asking for new ways to create their lives, their already good lives but, lives that they know can be much better, not because they want more toys, more attention, but because they really want to help and they need—- guess what. A leader.

Yup, It’s so simple really. They aren’t looking for the kind of leaders we think they are. That was the miracle that occured within me.

“I don’t have to tell them what to do, I don’t have to nag them to get off their devices, I have to listen.”

And so, with the deep listening that has been offered me by Robert John Cook, Jeanne Rassmussen, Lani Obina, Kimberly Ward, Fiona Griffith, and ———these people are truly gifts,  I have been able to pay it forward immediately.

I got to work video taping what the children had to say, I got on the phone to get the next steps from the team, every word, every conversation was being simultaneously bridging a new gap, where there was a perceived gap.

“Let’s find a person to make the logo.” The answer. The children.

“Let’s find a new name for the orginization, “Tiny denotes small. WE aren’t small.”

The answer. The kids.

They put in their ideas, they talked, they shared, I videoed, I made them food. Some of them love to cook, good, they can cook for the ARt Camp.

Now, for the places to live.

Let’s build them.

The kids; “Let’s build them out of wood.”

Me; “Let’s not.”

I turned on youtube and let the geodesic domes and air-crete and aquafarms speak for themselves.

Brain Entrainment for the children.

There’s really a million different ways we could do this.

But there is ultimately one choice.

To come from the heart. The heart is what leads us to the next person, and then the next and the next.

My tribe here on the Big Island, as well as around the world are ready, we are already doing it, we HAVE been doing it. We are living in communal spaces, we are living off grid, we are growing a lot of our food, we are praying together, in ceremony together, we are unwilling to compromise, in our lives or in relationship. WE want more. Not more things, not more trips, we want peace. Peace by peace, we are doing it. But now, we are coming together.

Light and spirit do not come from ideas, they ARE the ideas. Inspired ideas coming from pure hearts that need those to listen that have the time to listen.

We have the time to listen.

As the team congeals, gets to know eachother better, our stories intermingling into one story, we have one choice. To listen.

To you.

To you Sisters. Your children, your mothers, your grandmothers, your anscestors, your children and grandchildren to come.

There is nothing new under the sun.

We have thought of a new name, tell us what you think.

THe Enchanted Homes Ohana.

It’s an idea. Inclusive. (Although the women and childrens ideas will be leading, we don’t want to exclude the men.)

So, Ohana. Family. We are incepting the new family. Which has always been, which will always be. There is nothing new under the sun.

And that, my dear freinds, is good news.

A hui hou

Until we meet again.

In love,

Melinda Joy Polet