'Wait to you see what we are doing!' by Melinda Polet of the Sisterhood Ohana

After taking it a little easier this week...

It takes a lot of self care to work on any project of this magnitude! 

I can say the highlight was Robert and I meeting with Joshua Lanakilaoka Manguel, the kumu Alaki'i at the Hamakua Cultural Center in my hometown of 7 years, Honoka'a.

As a forerunner for cultural change in the community and around the world, it was the first time I got to sit and have a chance to chat with this truly amazing record keeper and game changer in our community and I was filled with pride and hope.  Two and half hours later, we left, Robert and I, so excited, to see the next steps of our project come to fruition.

We set the date, March 21st, to have our community conversation at the Cultural Center and I set to work well, praying.

Everything is set, the foundation, literally, through the Julie Ellen Roberts Foundation, pr0-services, the social media and contacts; I, again, feel like we are getting away with something. 

We incepted the next, most obvious step, which is to set up the tiny homes cash flow. Many great ideas and the way to get them done, further tasks (all I have to do is teach air-crete techniques and continue to do what I love, write, play music, teach yoga....

We are getting calls daily from people eager to share their home plans, their land, their love of building homes to help out.

I went to work on the Press Release. 

I am so excited that we are coming together as a community and a global sisterhood to see deep and inspiring change within ourselves and our communities. There are so many ways we can build, there are so many people out there ready to take the next step and work in a new way. During a group Butti Yoga class up in Paa'uilo Mauka, on Thursday that I took, while at the same time scoping out the place as a potential retreat center for the Sisterhood Ohana, I could feel a hand come up and touch mine as the sisters posed for a photo. The energy in the room was already so high, as we prayed and sweat together, but this left me in awe. The energy and unseen presence literally was touching us and surrounding us with support and love. We could feel it. When we come together we are supported. 

When we come together with a shared vision and communicate, negotiate, with respect and self-dignity, we help those unseen forces that are there for us. When we come together with the shared vision of self-reliance, it gets easier to get done what we need to get done so that we can move forward satisfied and with great faith that all is in right timing. 

I am looking forward to sharing my gifts of teaching, music, and business to truly make a difference in my community and the world.

Off to research the many different ways to build, to love, to laugh.

A hui hou!


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