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Single Mother initiative delivers ‘Alternative Housing Options’

‘Sisterhood Ohana’ announces FREE Community Conversation

Hawaiian Cultural Center of Hamakua, 21 March 2018

We invite you to join us a Hamakua Cutlural Center in Honokaa, Wedesday, March 21st, 6-8 PM.

About Optimistic Vibe and ‘Sisterhood Ohana’: Author Robert John Cook, founder of Sisterhood Ohana as a birthday gift to his mother, will be speaking about Sisterhood Ohana and their community Social Architecture project.

Lani Obina:  Human Resource Manager for Sisterhood Ohana will be speaking about Sisterhood Ohana employment opportunities for those in the community interested in self reliance, passion based work place, and alternative homes.

Melinda Polet: Local resident, founder of Hamakua Sacred Arts (Sustaining art and creativity for a thriving community,) has been an active proponent of off grid living and lifestyle since 2009. She will be speaking about heart centered leadership and what it means to be a driving force for game changing legislation.

Particpants will be shown the blueprint for Sisterhood Ohana new amazing Alternative Homes Hawai’i, how we will bring these plans to the state and how we will be building a prototype of safe, very cost effective, self reliant homes and community on the Hamakua Coast; working in accordance with coding bylaws and cutting edge design.

The community conversation takes place at the Hamakua Cultural Center, 45-3490 Mamane Street Honokaa Hawaii, Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 from 6 PM - 8 PM. Healthy catering of food and drinks will be provided.

Are you passionate about living an alternative lifestyle but have been afraid because of permitting and zoning laws? Are you the proud builder of a tiny home? Would you like that home showcased on HGTV?

Come join Lani Obina, Melinda Polet, as they introduce the Sisterhood Ohana.

Sisterhood Ohana, with the help of the Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation and the ‘Pono Imua’ initiative is the first of its’ kind on the island. Speaking to the merits of ‘Pono Imua’, Lanakila Manguel, founder of Hamakua Cultural Center, said “???”.

For more info contact the Sisterhood Ohana at (808) 250-8746, or on the web at

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