Sisterhood Ohana is pleased to introduce Summer Washko...

Meet Summer Washko

Your Online Application for a Life Changing Experience

Welcome to the Application portion of this process!

My name is Summer (a.k.a. Snail), and I will be your guide throughout this application and hereon for the entirety of your adventure with us on the VW bus.

Here at Optimistic Vibe, we’ve put together a project that involves a select group of awesome participants. By submitting your application you instigate the opportunity to win a weeklong trip to explore Big Island’s love living community culture. What does this mean? You not only get to come stay with me and a copilot for a week on the beautiful nourishing Big Island of Hawaii, but you get to delve into a deeper understanding self-reliance co-living as well.

It is our birthright to be happy, to live in the land of plenty and not feel restricted by the ways of modern society. To be like children, never losing our faith, hope, love, and freedom. Here on the Big Island we play, dance, sing, and rejoice together, celebrating our breath of life.
— Summer Washko

Judgment free, we reside in communities of individuals dedicated to the selfless servitude to bring this world into a higher consciousness of peace and joy. Want this shift in your life?

You already have the ability within yourself to do it.

You’ve come this far and I, Summer Snail your guide, encourage you to continue down the path that your heart has led you to. You never know, a brand new horizon might be just beyond the apply button, and all you have to do is fill out this form and click it.

Let’s get started; tell me a little about yourself!

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Where do you currently reside?
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For taking the time to thoroughly fill out this application!

It will now be sent off to our Optimistic Vibe team who will read each application carefully in order to righteously determine the perfect candidate/s for the our next adventure. Remember each season is different; therefore each individual applicant is qualified for a different season. With limited space we unfortunately cannot accept everyone, but if your timings right and it’s meant to be, then our adventure together will certainly be made manifest.

Have a blessed day, and grace be with you all! Aloha!

With Much Love,
Summer Snail

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