'Help Wanted: Single Mother's in Need' by Melinda Polet

I was planning on...

Following schedule by writing for Tiny Home Sisterhood's blog at the end of the week, but...

This Christmas has seen things (everything) speed up faster than imagined. 


 Lani Obina and Melinda Polet

Lani Obina and Melinda Polet

Tiny Home Sisterhood is Hiring!

We are looking for someone who can...

Help us design the perfect logo for Tiny Home Sisterhood and someone who can help Lani and I with the pamphlets. I might be able to pull those two items off, but, it was suggested that to just put it out there is also a viable option. SO here goes! 

We are looking for women who are owning their lives in a way that still helps the circle of light on the planet to expand.

Who are willing to work smarter, not harder. To ease just "one thing," to simplify our individual tasks by asking for help. Who are passionate about (not "everything!" We are human!) but, by something in their lives that has given them a sense of purpose that (to some, or maybe everyone) may seem crazy. Those are the women we want. Because all of us at Tiny Home Sisterhood have worked through the back and the front of crazy, and, we came out the saner for it. 

I was reminded today of a credo I have followed for quite a while, lifetimes really.

"What we accomplish is not very important, but who we become by accomplishing is very important."

Which brings me to my next subject, the high holy days. Which we are in.

And every Christmas we vow to do it different, to not get caught up in the collective stress, to reach out and start a food drive, to serve at a homeless shelter. Most Christmases for me have left me falling short of a greater humanitarian goal other than to spread love, as much good cheer and warmth as possible, to be with my family (especially mom,) and, to get through it without feeling that I've missed out on any of the above.

It's like the show after months of rehearsal, every actor knows there is a quick slide down.

I realized that truly, what every mother wants for Christmas,  what my mother wanted for her children, was just to have her children at her side.

It always pained her when I didn't. 

This has been my second Christmas without her on the planet and, after her passing, while I was living in my van with my kids, vowing I would help the homeless, I have set up a home of my own, finding a solution to the problem, not by volunteering at a homeless shelter, not by donating to one, but, to build one.


The day after Christmas 2017, saw me one step closer to my dream.

I got to meet with Kimon, the angel who donated the blue VW van, and Fiona Griffith, who owns A'ama Organic Farm, where we will be guiding week long workshops on how to build your own sustainable home, and, to speak with Robert, who inspired me further. I got to go home to enjoy leftovers, with my kids, after the photo shoot in front of the van, only to find that the lawn guy came to cut the grass (included in my rent.) Now, this may seem like a first world problem if it wasn't for the fact that.....

I have a dog I am fostering and -lawn guys and property managers talk. It put me in a state of panic. 

Although I have the dog situation taken care of, and, I am a good tenant and steward of the land, it triggered me. I may be kicked out, I may be homeless. For me, there is no greater fear. To be homeless, with my children, to have no leg to stand on. When we are grounded, we can build abundance. We can build bigger than we imagined. 

It was the threat that caused me to reach out to Optimistic Vibe just two weeks ago.

I was tired of being threatened by attempting to do good. To have to leave "home" again, like a refugee, like I have done so many times in my life. The truth is, we will never be good enough, smart enough, talented enough, guilt ridden enough, shamed enough, lowly enough to supplicate to the energies of the shadow, the dark.  This goes for many men too. It is an attitude of the old paradigm. It is the paradigm we were brought up with that we are waking up from. 

Those of us that are Awakening are saying; "If I will never be good enough, smart enough, rich enough, talented enough, eager enough to simply be seen for who I am, then, I might as well just go my own way. "

As I was left with the slide down, after Christmas, the fatigue, I was reminded to stay true to my passion, because my passion is not crazy. It is what has brought me success in my life (the only success worth mentioning) the abundance in my life, the joy in my life, and, therefore, the light in my life.

I am reminded to stay committed to the light and to stop fighting the dark. 

Many local women here work every day through the holidays, mostly for the hotels, for the tourists. We have a 5-1 tourist to local ratio. That leaves most of us working right through the holidays to pay our rent so that we can support our families.

So that we can help fulfill the dream of those coming here for 8 days to have the healing and light that they need to take back to the Mainland.

WE hope they do. But sometimes we are left wondering. 

The support we are receiving for Tiny Home Sisterhood will no longer leave us wondering.

We are offering a wellness adventure that I have been conceiving since I moved here, and, it has been conceived through Robert John Cook. And, we are just beginning. 

Tiny Home Sisterhood is just a small part of what is occurring globally, where building sustainably, sanely, without giving our power away is emerging, WHILE healing and giving and receiving love light and many many blessings. I believe that, by the time my girls are adults, the paradigm we, at Tiny Home Sisterhood, and on the globe, will be the new normal.

Won't you come?

Most of us were trained to give our power away. That is the old paradigm. Most of us became so wounded by power that we have had no choice but to wake up. That is a good thing. To wake up from the dream that we are all free, and to become truly free is what turns me on. It has what has driven me my entire life.

Robert John Cook woke that up in me, again today.

He reminded me that my movie does not have a fatigued, middle aged woman fighting Uncle Sam as the star; trying to save the world and becoming exhausted, unable to focus on her own needs. 

The heroine of my movie, as Robert suggested, is so much bigger than that.

And Robert meant it. 

Often, when we are truly seen, we are filled with a mix of excitement and yet, our worthiness issues come up. We are all living the same story, after all, on some level. I have learned, through many a painful lesson, that I am not alone. That all I have to do is ask.

I am not afraid that we will not be able to take Tiny Home Sisterhood to glory after glory, because finally, I have been given no choice.

So, in parting, I want to share what has come to me the past 24 hours, as this speeds up beyond what I could have imagined, filling me with courage, joy, and, hope, real hope.

Victims believe that they have no choice, while making many, none leading to true happiness. Mastery is about knowing that we have only ONE choice.

I know that we, as a global society are coming to that ONE choice. 

Come one, come all.

In light,


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