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 Lani Obina, Melinda Polet, and Robert John Cook

Lani Obina, Melinda Polet, and Robert John Cook

Tiny Home Sisterhood


Through the Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation, Tiny Homes Sisterhood has the opportunity to activate One Hand Up; an opportunity for each person that comes toward the Tiny Home Sisterhood, to bring their plan to life.

Optimistic Vibe is here to help women and children help share information, that said... We can come together, to make” one thing that needs to look better, to “shine brighter”, to make “one thing easier.
— Melinda Polet

We have come together as one voice.

We are Awakening...

Optimistic Vibe is making it easier for our people, doing our small part on the Big Island of Hawaii by reaching out to single mothers and children in need.

We will be building on 20 acres of land here on the island of Hawaii. To be a part of something bigger than ourselves, not by changing the world, but by changing our own lives with full commitment to our children, through our elders, learning from their wisdom, their gifts.

In order to keep up, we must be kept up.
— Melinda Polet

We are here to guide,

through the Ancient Elders' Seven Teachings


Seven Teachings (2).jpg


Our children CAN...

Live their lives from a place of peace, passion and purpose.

Optimistic Vibe is,

The first of its kind, on a journey of self-discovery on the Big Island of Hawaii, the prototype for the world in building sustainable community of strong mothers and children that contribute to their communities with passion, and purpose.

Safety, sovereignty and courage are our divine birthright.
— Melinda Polet

We all have a purpose,

We are healthier when we know we are not alone.

Our elders knew this, and now, the elders of today are teaching these skills to the younger generation and their children through Tiny Home Sisterhood.

Robert John Cook, founder of Tiny Home Sisterhood, through the wisdom and courage of his ancesters, his mother, who raised him and his brother, as a single mother, is bringing to our time the Ancient Elder’s Seven Teachings.

More about our Story...

Tiny Home Sisterhood is a re-defined workplace, based the these Ancient Elders Seven Teachings.


Who We Are

Tiny Home Sisterhood is

One Hand Up...the opportunity for women and children in need to own a tiny home, advancing our “dream come true” with the resources, tools, and opportunity for furthering our evolutionary growth.

One Hand Up

We believe that the way to remain optimistic, visionary, and inclusive, is to practice these principles in action, in the NOW.  We are in that Now, as a collective.

Many will talk that they want to live the “good life” of sustainability, passion, joy, and peace.  We are providing a strong foundation for mothers and their families to secure their commitment through participating and doing business with us.

What does this mean?

Optimistic Vibe together with Tiny Home Sisterhood, HGTV, Music for the People, and several other successful community business ventures are expanding their horizons to meet the “immediate need” of women and their children at this time.

It means you and your children will be designing and building your own tiny home, together with other women.

You will learn to grow your own garden, work with legislature to empower yourself and others to move legislation forward in not only permitting, but applauding your efforts to design and build your own tiny home.

You will be the architect, the builder, the creator of your own garden of Eden, while re- discovering your passion.

We provide opportunity, resources and a platform to prosper self-reliance, female empowerment, thereby leading to greater community sustainability.

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