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Human Sustainability

“Support Your Awakening”

Human Sustainability is your self-empowerment of action (not words) of the Native Elder’s Teachings of Love, Respect, Honesty, Truth, Courage, Humility, and Wisdom.

Human Sustainability provides you confidence to your circle of life for Opportunity of Self, our Community, Resources and Support to Grow, and Natural Ecosystems for your Home.


Opportunity of Self with empowerment, passion, and confidence to move forward and celebrate each present moment of your life: LoveLiving Wellness Platform.

Community of amazing like-minded people exploring the joys and sharing your awakening: LoveLiving Na'alehu.

Resources and Support to experience growth and apply what you learn to opportunity for building your future: One Hand Up.

Natural ecosystems to support a beautifully private place of Home from where you enjoy and share your improved lifestyle: Tiny Home Hawai'i.

Opportunity and Growth of Self

Life has many diverse pathways, some leading to love and joy and some stepped with fear.

Human Sustainability is a path of unconditional love, joy and blessings.

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Life can be isolation and loneliness.

Human Sustainability is exciting people, adventure, and a family of community.

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Resources and Support

Pursuit of more without direction can leave us empty and shallow.

Human Sustainability is applying action to what matters most as life’s reward.

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Natural Ecosystems to support a place of Home

The road of Life twists and turns, our Lifestyle may not be valued.

Human Sustainability is a place which grows the seeds and breath of life… connecting to all forms of life, nature, spirit, peacefulness, love, and kindness… while living sustainably in a Tiny Home of sustainable materials & geometrically sacred spaces.

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In January 2011, the writer Robert John Cook released a rough draft outline of fifty nine pages that conceptualized what is today his book ‘Optimistic Vibe’. The book, Optimistic Vibe’ regards the journey of an artist exploring with two universities re-inventing today’s modern business model, converting the business model in the process to serve the role of Human Sustainability.

Robert John Cook’s Native American GGGGGGGGfather helped broker the settlement that resulted in the First Thanksgiving. Robert John Cook lives the values of true Cape Cod—He is committed to his community—offering all of us a shared hand to improve our streets, our culture, our senses and our lives. Robert John Cook’s ancestors arrived here four hundred years ago searching for a particular salvation—and he has presented now a program which will shine a light.
— Maxwell Taylor Kennedy

Robert John Cook reached back in time through his native bloodline and through extensive research and assistance from the University of Hawai’i and the University of Massachusetts, Robert John Cook defied the odds to re-invent today’s modern Industrial Age business model and transformed it into Human Sustainability for the Next Age.

‘Optimistic Vibe’ is the story of how an artist over a five year period stretching from 2011-2016 held onto to his vision with empowerment, passion, and confidence.


Welcome, a new dawn is emerging. Like the morning sun that spills on Iao Valley after Pele's gift of protection to her people Haleakala has blessed it with Aloha, the new dawn brings a positive shift, positive energy being applied to making the world a better place through an intelligent, and sustainable community. A proven concept of community that dates back five hundred native years to my ancestral original nation; a sense of care for the individual, environment, and community.

The hallmark of Human Sustainability is but one characteristic that all 7 billion of us on the planet Earth share. From our first breath until our last breath all 7 billion of us, and the many 7 billion before, we all share the one instinctive characteristic, to search to be Loved, search to give Love, and search to share Love. Love is our compass heading pointing us home, this is why Love is instinctive to us. Some search for Love harder than others, from those hard workers that lead in the name of Love, they are 12% of today's population, glorious forward thinkers, international in scope, individually around the world, unified in innovative heart in features that define Human Sustainability. Those that give Love are visionary, real dreams building real rainbows that hold tremendous sustainable ideas to make things better. Independent, but connected in scope, those that Love are stretching their arms excitingly to gather hands around the world, making the world flat once again, using technology with unlimited freedom to be as innovative and bola as to inspire creativity by honoring passion.

From my research for this book, every Original Nation I reviewed shared a common theme, they held as it's core value Love for the person, environment, and community as the measurement of worth. Similarly, today 12%'ers of Human Sustainability are following the same ancestral formula. These passionate and brilliant pioneers are focused on living with tremendous vibrancy, at an operating frequency most of us can only dream about, living larger than life, productive through their vision and dedication to make things better, pure positive energy they are. While researching over the last five years through the Small Business Development Centers of the University of Hawai'i and University of Massachusetts, I have met with thousands of them, from every country, culture, and sustainable perspective. They are applying innovative creativity to make things better, creating a better way, a new way, propelling us into the Next Age, an age of Evolution. Hats off to them, these people of Human Sustainability are positive energy with Love. They are my heroes.

These amazing heroes are not interested in changing, judging, nor controlling anything, on the contrary, they are only interested in unselfishly applying their unlimited positive energy to make things better. And to their merit they will, not because their intention to make things better is directed by some political force, but instead because throughout our history there have been many small handfuls of positive people prompting many types of worldwide social movements, all driven by inspiring social need. The inspiration for today is a social movement for the Next Age: Human Sustainability. Formed from the energy of many positive people around the world working toward delivering goodness to the people with Love to the overwhelming number of brothers and sisters struggling with a myriad of social challenges, to overcome an ailing environment, and realign our distrusting community so people are no longer treated as machines.

The new social movement toward Human Sustainability follows the social movement that shifted us from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, the social movement that nudged us from the Iron Age into the Renaissance Age, the social movement that sent us from the Renaissance Age to the Reformation Age, and the social movement that delivered the Industrial Age. Today's exciting social movement towards the Next Age: Human Sustainability is occurring now because 12% of society has globally decided that a new idea should replace an old idea.


Beginning about the year 1720 the Industrial Age built machines to increase productivity, and soon people were treated like machines with time clocks and performance measurements related to pay and job security, from this 28% of Americans 'hate' their job, not dislike, but rather 'hate'. Roughly one quarter of the working population spend each day 'hating' their workday, day in day out, working to obtain a paycheck they will trade for more and more of the stuff they make at a job they 'hate' daily. As for the environment, the Industrial Age destroyed delicate ecosystems. Community? The Industrial Age consumed entire traditional cultures.

Over a period of two hundred and fifty years the Industrial Age's purpose of convincing people to compete in acting like machines has created a work, earn, spend cycle that has fed greed, from which today the 200 wealthiest people in the world have an annual income that exceeds the 2.5 billion poorest people of the world. This machine/person, productivity/greed scenario is not sustainable and the Industrial Age is hence coming to a close, as witnessed in the loss of manufacturing over the last few decades, in the social shift of trust in Wall Street and Washington, etc. However, the times they are a changing, the world is promisingly shifting toward Human Sustainability, 12%'ers making the world a better place because technology is linking their positive energy one shining star connecting with one shining star at a time, soon technology will connect all stars and the bright light will propel their beautiful social movement.

The Industrial Age has built and produced our infrastructure, meaning the Industrial Age served its purpose of 'advancing' humankind so we could prepare for the exciting new social movement, but the old methods from the Industrial Age no longer fit today’s needs. For example, addressing today’s need to repair the Industrial Age's subsequent environmental impact demands innovative non-Industrial Age thinking. We can't use old thinking on fixing new challenges. Albert Einstein said it best: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

The Bronze Age didn’t end because we ran out of bronze, and the Iron Age didn’t end because we ran out of iron, much the same holds true that the Industrial Age will not end because we ran out of industrial needs, but rather, the Industrial Age is coming to a close because its methods are unsustainable. Simply put, the mission of the Industrial Age was to focus on building machines, with the dollar as a measurement of productivity, an unsustainable practice. Evidence is seen when we focus on machinery and a dollar as a priority rather than focusing on the person as a priority social depression is the result, i.e., socially depressed people lose trust in Wall Street and financial institutions collapse as was the case in 2008, socially depressed people lose hope in politicians and don’t vote, and among socially depressed people social apathy replaces personal interest.

A sustainable world, compared to an industrial world, requires thinking differently toward the person, our environment, and our sense of community. A return to people, not machines, as our inspiration to support by joining in the encouragement of a handful of innovative thinkers with an optimistic vibe around the globe making the world a better place. The creative genius creating a better world through imaginative systems that nurture collaboration across every conceivable boundary with a core value where Love for the person, environment, and community are the measurement of worth. These thinkers with an optimistic vibe are not, nor do they have to be, CEO’s or presidents, nor any other ‘prestigious’ title, on the contrary, the creative genius that will make the world a better place are not flag wavers, nor those out for political gain. They are simple folks, advocates dedicated to advancing the person, sharing advocacy through awareness on environmental concerns, and lucky for us they wear their heart on their sleeve regarding care for our community. They are demographically only 12% of our population, varying in age, size, and beliefs, but they are incredibly strong, extremely intelligent, and wonderfully determined, and they are beginning to organize in numbers.

We are open-minded folks like you and I, goodhearted people dedicated to problem solving versus finger pointing, dedicated to positive energy versus negative, Pro-Positive. We are advocates as demonstrated in our peaceful advocacy to raise awareness on a host of social concerns. We are a social movement called Optimistic Vibe, creative thinkers making the world a better place by sharing a common motto as our important advocacy.

We have a strategy, and if you are one of the creative people out to help make the world a better place with an optimistic vibe, this book is dedicated to you. Thank you for joining us.

With love, and Aloha,

Robert John Cook


Human Sustainability Defined

Human Sustainability is the harmonious integration of the people, environment, and community in a sustainable way for a secure place for living things on this earth

Human Sustainability is the use of people, environment, and community as the basis for designing integrated systems of a practical, creative approach to the challenges of diminishing resources and threatened global environmental and cultural crises we now face.

Human Sustainability addresses the way we live on this planet in a graceful and healthy way where the elements interact in mutually beneficial ways to produce a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Human Sustainability is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor; of looking at all life and Nature in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single-product system.

Human Sustainability gives witness to present concern, and builds a beneficial future legacy.

Human Sustainability is an ethical design tool, creating sustainability through the integration of diversity, stability, and resilience in culturally-sound, ecologically-sound, economically-viable human environments.

Human Sustainability is a world-wide movement of designers, teachers, and grassroots advocates working to advance people, environment, and community.

Human Sustainability is the ethical and holistic foundation for sustainable culture, environment, and community.

Human Sustainability is a body of knowledge susceptible to learning and teaching, a way of organizing knowledge, connecting systems that integrate diverse experiences and resources.

Human Sustainability is an innovative science that balances community development with ecological sensitivity.

Human Sustainability is a natural ally to an organic approach to caring for people, environment, and community development.

Human Sustainability integrates the human community into Nature’s design, a design providing us spiritual fulfillment within a balanced and healthy cultural, environment, and strengthened community.

Human Sustainability is the use of people, environment, and community as the basis for utilizing technology for community development with an ethic of caring for the earth and interacting with the environment in mutually beneficial ways.

Human Sustainability is to create abundance.

Human Sustainability works with natural forces to create productive people, environment, and community.

Human Sustainability is a way of designing and living sustainably by cooperating with Nature.

Human Sustainability is a paradigm shift.

Human Sustainability is addressing the way we live on this planet in a graceful and healthy way, respecting the plants & animals around us, and leaving Mother Earth in a more productive and healthier state than we found it.

Human Sustainability is a way of life dedicated to making the world a better place.

12 Features of Human Sustainability

1. The future is being enjoyed today by a rapidly growing number of Visionaries practicing Human Sustainability to make the world a better place around the world. They have an optimistic vibe of Love to demonstrate to others a peace, harmony, and thankfulness that fosters a balance among all humans, all plant life, and to all living entities.

2. Visionaries that practice Human Sustainability around the world live with love in our hearts and we walk an honest path in our life to demonstrate Real Transparency. We believe Dalai Lama was right: "A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity." Real Transparency works well for Visionaries.

3. As Visionaries of Human Sustainability we believe Giving is the Greatest Reward we will ever Receive. In return, we Receive in return for Giving the respect of Self that fits nicely with our passion to make the world a better place.

4. As Visionaries of Human Sustainability the truth we seek is present-moment awareness of the love we give, and cherish. By practicing present-moment awareness in our workplace we enjoy the optimistic vibe of harmony, which makes for an AMAZING team:)

5. From being humble Visionaries practicing Human Sustainability we are creating the platform for understanding all our relations, our simple humility allows us to be equal to others as one. In practice, we call this our Love Living Journey, back in the Industrial Age this was called a job.

6. Join us as we explore the future of Human Sustainability and build and share together. A place of community enjoying Courage to go back 400 Native Years to a time of Seven Teachings passed down from Elder to Elder for many generations around the world, delivering goodness to others, a courageous manner that allows us to live larger than Fear, allowing Visionaries to reach beyond what might seemingly be obstructions.

7. Visionaries of Human Sustainability respect the creative genius that opened the doors for us to follow in their footsteps, they taught us that passion will lead us to our purpose when we believe with everything we've got. Vincent Van Gogh added, “…such passion is spiritual in calling”. We invite you to join us in believing in your passion to make the world a better place.

8. Join Visionaries practicing Human Sustainability by awakening the new world with the platform of tools for Empowerment, Passion, and Confidence.

9. Around the world Visionaries of Human Sustainability are awakening the new world with the platform of tools for reaching inside ourselves to empower our Oneness with Nature.

10. Visionaries are standing in number and with Human Sustainability from their heart we are awakening the new world with the platform of tools for empowering our journey of evolving wellness.

11. Join us and bring your vision for a better world, Human Sustainability is awakening the new world with the platform of tools for utilizing your creativity to empower your Love to conquer your Fears.

12. Visionaries are global and circling the planet, belong to amazing people with amazing projects awakening the new world with the platform of tools for empowering ourselves to join in with universal positive energy around the world. We are the Visionaries awakening the new world with the platform of tools through re-invented employment practices based on empowerment of passion.


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