Tiny Home Big Heart

Passionate about are Vets and the Homeless?

We build tiny houses for Homeless Vets doing the building.

We need Capital to get started. We need your support.

What's in it for you?

Our parents were Vets which really inspires you. Help build for older homeless Vets. We have to do… not talk about it!

So how do we raise money for supplies and such? By providing you Fair Trade Offerings. Please check us out!

Tiny Home Big Heart is a program being developed by Tiny Home Hawai'i to provide a home to a homeless female Veteran, a mother with homeless children. The Tiny Home Big Heart is in reply to Michelle Obama's advocacy "the idea that anyone who has worn our country's uniform spends their nights sleeping on the ground should horrify us. It's our duty to right this wrong and put an end to veteran homelessness once and for all."

Join us as we apply positive energy to Veteran Homelessness by sharing our optimism internationally and letting our voice be heard.

All of us working with passion on the project honor your support.


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