One Hand Up?

One Hand Up

I can't alone... but WE CAN TOGETHER

Confidence and Passion!


Tiny Home Sisterhood Collaboration

Opportunity & Growth

  • One Hand Up provides you people working together in collaboration for opportunities of employment, support, and resources to fulfill your Vision.

Resources & Support

  • One Hand Up provides opportunities for Employment
  • One Hand Up provides Support
  • One Hand Up provides Resources
  • One Hand Up provides the chance to fulfill your Vision

Community & Care

  • One Hand Up honors indigenous culture with your Vision to protect culture. 
  • One Hand Up is bringing to life your Vision for Music For The People. 
  • One Hand Up is you working with veteran outreach’s “Welcome Home” 
  • One Hand Up is you approaching world-renowned local musician Nahko to offer our project to our beautiful people of Hawai’i as a cultural gift of Aloha. 

Your Own Tiny Home & Beyond...

  • One Hand Up is you building your very own Tiny Home at LoveLiving Naalehu
  • One Hand Up is you repeating our appearance (we hope!) with a weekly nationally televised show on HGTV called How-To Tiny Home Hawai’i filled with Tiny Home Sisterhood’s excitement! 
  • One Hand Up is you delivering to America from Tiny Home capitol of the world, Portland, Oregon on April 8/9 from our booth and display at the Tiny House Conference. 
  • One Hand Up is you planning to travel from our national announcement in Portland to HGTV, and then it’s on to hopefully share our good news with Oprah! 
  • One Hand Up is capturing our amazing journey on film for our documentary for Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival. From there, who knows, Good Morning America, CNN, the Today Show… 

Apply online

How-To Tiny Home Hawai'i

Local Veteran ready to go to Portland?

Be a Spokesperson for Tiny Home Big Heart with a smile for HGTV and Oprah (hopefully!)!

  • Star of “How-To” videos as you display our scaled model of “LOVE” to the public.
  • Share your Aloha as the representative of Tiny Home Sisterhood’s “Design By Heart, Built with Confidence”, Sisters showcasing our Tiny Home “LOVE” and our progress building LoveLiving Na’alehu.
  • Introduce Education For The People to Local Community Service Organizations.
  • Present the Tiny Home Sisterhood by advocating international public participation.
  • Stand as the public image of How-To Tiny Home Hawai’i
  • Express your knowledge at Workshops (links to Workshop events listings Page), Presentations (links to Presentations events listings Page), and Gatherings (Gatherings events listings Page) in building affordable shelters of all shapes and sizes, and materials in Hawai’i
  • Attend our display booth during the Tiny House Conference, Portland, Oregon, April 8/9
  • Be the Star of our upcoming (hopefully!) HGTV “How-To Tiny Home Hawai’i” weekly nationally televised show
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