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Meet Summer Washko

Your Online Application for a Life Changing Experience

Welcome to the Application portion of this process!

My name is Summer (a.k.a. Snail), and I will be your guide throughout this application and hereon for the entirety of your adventure with us on the VW bus.

Here at Optimistic Vibe, we’ve put together a project that involves a select group of awesome participants. By submitting your application you instigate the opportunity to win a weeklong trip to explore Big Island’s love living community culture. What does this mean? You not only get to come stay with me and a copilot for a week on the beautiful nourishing Big Island of Hawaii, but you get to delve into a deeper understanding self-reliance co-living as well.

It is our birthright to be happy, to live in the land of plenty and not feel restricted by the ways of modern society. To be like children, never losing our faith, hope, love, and freedom. Here on the Big Island we play, dance, sing, and rejoice together, celebrating our breath of life.
— Summer Washko

Judgment free, we reside in communities of individuals dedicated to the selfless servitude to bring this world into a higher consciousness of peace and joy. Want this shift in your life?

You already have the ability within yourself to do it.

You’ve come this far and I, Summer Snail your guide, encourage you to continue down the path that your heart has led you to. You never know, a brand new horizon might be just beyond the apply button, and all you have to do is fill out this form and click it.

Let’s get started; tell me a little about yourself!

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Where do you currently reside?
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For taking the time to thoroughly fill out this application!

It will now be sent off to our Optimistic Vibe team who will read each application carefully in order to righteously determine the perfect candidate/s for the our next adventure. Remember each season is different; therefore each individual applicant is qualified for a different season. With limited space we unfortunately cannot accept everyone, but if your timings right and it’s meant to be, then our adventure together will certainly be made manifest.

Have a blessed day, and grace be with you all! Aloha!

With Much Love,
Summer Snail

Hawai'i Wellness Experience
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One out of 250 chance! A $2,500 Value! Hawai'i Wellness Experience, travel with a friend, a once in a lifetime Hawaiian Adventure on Big Island for only $175 (for 2 people)

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Why you will love the meaning of 'HOKU'

Sisterhood Ohana


We are all longing to go home to some place we have never been - a place half-remembered and half-envisioned we can only catch glimpses of from time to time. Community. Somewhere, there are people to whom we can speak with passion without having the words catch in our throats. Somewhere a circle of hands will open to receive us, eyes will light up as we enter, voices will celebrate with us whenever we come into our own power. Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing. A circle of friends. Someplace where we can be free.
— Starhawk

Our story

Sisterhood Ohana is a re-defined workplace, based on Ancient Elders Seven Teachings of love, honesty, respect,, truth, courage, humility, and wisdom. We are a social movement of Awakening. We are taking our stories, and your story, to the people where we (the women) will be documenting our work in building sustainable, affordable homes. Yes, you, the woman; AND  your children, will take on a major role in designing, getting approved, and moving forward to build your home, all while re-defining what it is to be a woman, a mother, during this time of Awakening.

Your Success Story

You need to be yourself. You come with the skills you already have, that are inside you, that are inside your children. You have the opportunity to build on these skills, through workshops, through the building of our place of like-minded community here on the Big Island. You don’t need a resume, you don’t need an accredited degree. You need to be passionate about our divine birthright to incept, create, and self-realize.

You will be supported by ‘Pono Imua’, a new social framework that has been carefully engineered to meet the growing needs of those that are Awakening, meaning that it is cultivated to provide physical, financial support for mothers and their children in need of (a home) and a way to bring your passion to the forefront for yourself and your children.

Lani Obina, Melinda Polet, and author Robert John Cook

More about our story

We are conducting workshops and seminars for awakened living throughout the island of Hawaii.

You will have the chance to take part in these workshops, bringing your skills and areas of expertise, all the while building home after home, dream after dream, because the new home is the “easily built home.”

‘Designed by Heart. Built with Confidence’

Who We Are

All of us here at Sisterhood Ohana are mothers, healers... we have been drawn together by our like minded passions and purpose. To build our own homes, sustainably, off the grid, incepting the fair trade principles that were the original foundation of a healthy society.

We have the principles, we have the solutions.

We believe that the way to remain optimistic, visionary, and inclusive, is to practice these principles in action, in the NOW.

We are in that Now, as a collective, we, are inviting you, mother, seeker, visionary, genius, to come forward and continue to walk your walk with the commitment that our ancestors had, that we want for our children.

We are providing a strong foundation for mothers and their families to secure their commitment through participating and joining us.

One Hand Up

Come join us as we enter into this new journey of Awakening!

Tiny Home Hawai'i Experience
175.00 200.00

One out of 250 Gifts of Opportunity for an Tiny Home Hawai'i Experience, a once in a lifetime Hawaiian Adventure on Big Island for $175 (for 2 people), a $2,500 value!

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Why you want to listen to Melinda Polet...

Enchanted Village Ohana

There is nothing new under the sun

Do we know the true meaning of this statement?

Lani Obina and Melinda Polet

Lani Obina and Melinda Polet

I can speak to my generation (growing up in the 70’s) and interpret it as “Don’t bother trying anything new,  we’re just going to throw a nuclear bomb on it anyway.) With all the muppets and John Denver goodness of my generation came along the threat of nuclear war, the threat of Dr. Spock Parenting, the threat of being dissatisfied with your life because there wasn’t any job security anyway, and, the threat that ultimately, you didn’t have the genius it really took to make a difference, you were just going to grow up and be a consumer anyway.

All these fears were real to me and some of them came true, because I bought into this statement.

What I have come to truly understand from this statment is that the sun, that force that is awakening within us, (the Christ Consciouness within, yes, WE are the second coming) is that we are born to be who we are meant to be, to become golden. It’s already within us, to reach our potential in this lifetime. WE are supposed to be here, we have a purpose, we don’t have to re-create the wheel, we can follow the ease of the wheel, help and be helped. That is nothing new. That has always been and will always be.

When we are trying to discover, uncover our genius from our minds only, we fall short. WE become exhausted. It is our heart that informs. It takes our reasoning, our golden innocence (nothing new, but forever made new) and our heart combined, to form our intuition. Which is God Given. “Go here, talk to this person, “Nope, that person may look all light and fluffy, but, something in my gut is telling me…..”

We form new patterns in our brain, entrainment, as it is now coined. We re-language. We re-member, not from the old data, but from the divine spark. We connect with the archtypes that inspire us (see last weeks blog on Joan of Arc.) Then, the only way to go is inspiration.

I have experienced miracles this week because of this brain entrainment.

All of us here at TIny Homes Sisterhood have been practicing this new frequency in our brains for quite some time, and, like many others who are awakening at lightening speed, we cannot go back. It is so good.

So, one of the miracles I experienced this week came in response to the question;

“If we are re-envisioning our future, with the children designing and helping to build the homes, how does it actually look?”

The unseen forces replied in the form of, well, the children.

They just started showing up. At my house, asking for building materials, asking for new ways to create their lives, their already good lives but, lives that they know can be much better, not because they want more toys, more attention, but because they really want to help and they need—- guess what. A leader.

Yup, It’s so simple really. They aren’t looking for the kind of leaders we think they are. That was the miracle that occured within me.

“I don’t have to tell them what to do, I don’t have to nag them to get off their devices, I have to listen.”

And so, with the deep listening that has been offered me by Robert John Cook, Jeanne Rassmussen, Lani Obina, Kimberly Ward, Fiona Griffith, and ———these people are truly gifts,  I have been able to pay it forward immediately.

I got to work video taping what the children had to say, I got on the phone to get the next steps from the team, every word, every conversation was being simultaneously bridging a new gap, where there was a perceived gap.

“Let’s find a person to make the logo.” The answer. The children.

“Let’s find a new name for the orginization, “Tiny denotes small. WE aren’t small.”

The answer. The kids.

They put in their ideas, they talked, they shared, I videoed, I made them food. Some of them love to cook, good, they can cook for the ARt Camp.

Now, for the places to live.

Let’s build them.

The kids; “Let’s build them out of wood.”

Me; “Let’s not.”

I turned on youtube and let the geodesic domes and air-crete and aquafarms speak for themselves.

Brain Entrainment for the children.

There’s really a million different ways we could do this.

But there is ultimately one choice.

To come from the heart. The heart is what leads us to the next person, and then the next and the next.

My tribe here on the Big Island, as well as around the world are ready, we are already doing it, we HAVE been doing it. We are living in communal spaces, we are living off grid, we are growing a lot of our food, we are praying together, in ceremony together, we are unwilling to compromise, in our lives or in relationship. WE want more. Not more things, not more trips, we want peace. Peace by peace, we are doing it. But now, we are coming together.

Light and spirit do not come from ideas, they ARE the ideas. Inspired ideas coming from pure hearts that need those to listen that have the time to listen.

We have the time to listen.

As the team congeals, gets to know eachother better, our stories intermingling into one story, we have one choice. To listen.

To you.

To you Sisters. Your children, your mothers, your grandmothers, your anscestors, your children and grandchildren to come.

There is nothing new under the sun.

We have thought of a new name, tell us what you think.

THe Enchanted Homes Ohana.

It’s an idea. Inclusive. (Although the women and childrens ideas will be leading, we don’t want to exclude the men.)

So, Ohana. Family. We are incepting the new family. Which has always been, which will always be. There is nothing new under the sun.

And that, my dear freinds, is good news.

A hui hou

Until we meet again.

In love,

Melinda Joy Polet

Tiny Home Hawai'i Experience
175.00 200.00

One out of 250 Gifts of Opportunity for an Tiny Home Hawai'i Experience, a once in a lifetime Hawaiian Adventure on Big Island for $175 (for 2 people), a $2,500 value!

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'Help Wanted: Single Mother's in Need' by Melinda Polet

I was planning on...

Following schedule by writing for Tiny Home Sisterhood's blog at the end of the week, but...

This Christmas has seen things (everything) speed up faster than imagined. 


Lani Obina and Melinda Polet

Lani Obina and Melinda Polet

Tiny Home Sisterhood is Hiring!

We are looking for someone who can...

Help us design the perfect logo for Tiny Home Sisterhood and someone who can help Lani and I with the pamphlets. I might be able to pull those two items off, but, it was suggested that to just put it out there is also a viable option. SO here goes! 

We are looking for women who are owning their lives in a way that still helps the circle of light on the planet to expand.

Who are willing to work smarter, not harder. To ease just "one thing," to simplify our individual tasks by asking for help. Who are passionate about (not "everything!" We are human!) but, by something in their lives that has given them a sense of purpose that (to some, or maybe everyone) may seem crazy. Those are the women we want. Because all of us at Tiny Home Sisterhood have worked through the back and the front of crazy, and, we came out the saner for it. 

I was reminded today of a credo I have followed for quite a while, lifetimes really.

"What we accomplish is not very important, but who we become by accomplishing is very important."

Which brings me to my next subject, the high holy days. Which we are in.

And every Christmas we vow to do it different, to not get caught up in the collective stress, to reach out and start a food drive, to serve at a homeless shelter. Most Christmases for me have left me falling short of a greater humanitarian goal other than to spread love, as much good cheer and warmth as possible, to be with my family (especially mom,) and, to get through it without feeling that I've missed out on any of the above.

It's like the show after months of rehearsal, every actor knows there is a quick slide down.

I realized that truly, what every mother wants for Christmas,  what my mother wanted for her children, was just to have her children at her side.

It always pained her when I didn't. 

This has been my second Christmas without her on the planet and, after her passing, while I was living in my van with my kids, vowing I would help the homeless, I have set up a home of my own, finding a solution to the problem, not by volunteering at a homeless shelter, not by donating to one, but, to build one.


The day after Christmas 2017, saw me one step closer to my dream.

I got to meet with Kimon, the angel who donated the blue VW van, and Fiona Griffith, who owns A'ama Organic Farm, where we will be guiding week long workshops on how to build your own sustainable home, and, to speak with Robert, who inspired me further. I got to go home to enjoy leftovers, with my kids, after the photo shoot in front of the van, only to find that the lawn guy came to cut the grass (included in my rent.) Now, this may seem like a first world problem if it wasn't for the fact that.....

I have a dog I am fostering and -lawn guys and property managers talk. It put me in a state of panic. 

Although I have the dog situation taken care of, and, I am a good tenant and steward of the land, it triggered me. I may be kicked out, I may be homeless. For me, there is no greater fear. To be homeless, with my children, to have no leg to stand on. When we are grounded, we can build abundance. We can build bigger than we imagined. 

It was the threat that caused me to reach out to Optimistic Vibe just two weeks ago.

I was tired of being threatened by attempting to do good. To have to leave "home" again, like a refugee, like I have done so many times in my life. The truth is, we will never be good enough, smart enough, talented enough, guilt ridden enough, shamed enough, lowly enough to supplicate to the energies of the shadow, the dark.  This goes for many men too. It is an attitude of the old paradigm. It is the paradigm we were brought up with that we are waking up from. 

Those of us that are Awakening are saying; "If I will never be good enough, smart enough, rich enough, talented enough, eager enough to simply be seen for who I am, then, I might as well just go my own way. "

As I was left with the slide down, after Christmas, the fatigue, I was reminded to stay true to my passion, because my passion is not crazy. It is what has brought me success in my life (the only success worth mentioning) the abundance in my life, the joy in my life, and, therefore, the light in my life.

I am reminded to stay committed to the light and to stop fighting the dark. 

Many local women here work every day through the holidays, mostly for the hotels, for the tourists. We have a 5-1 tourist to local ratio. That leaves most of us working right through the holidays to pay our rent so that we can support our families.

So that we can help fulfill the dream of those coming here for 8 days to have the healing and light that they need to take back to the Mainland.

WE hope they do. But sometimes we are left wondering. 

The support we are receiving for Tiny Home Sisterhood will no longer leave us wondering.

We are offering a wellness adventure that I have been conceiving since I moved here, and, it has been conceived through Robert John Cook. And, we are just beginning. 

Tiny Home Sisterhood is just a small part of what is occurring globally, where building sustainably, sanely, without giving our power away is emerging, WHILE healing and giving and receiving love light and many many blessings. I believe that, by the time my girls are adults, the paradigm we, at Tiny Home Sisterhood, and on the globe, will be the new normal.

Won't you come?

Most of us were trained to give our power away. That is the old paradigm. Most of us became so wounded by power that we have had no choice but to wake up. That is a good thing. To wake up from the dream that we are all free, and to become truly free is what turns me on. It has what has driven me my entire life.

Robert John Cook woke that up in me, again today.

He reminded me that my movie does not have a fatigued, middle aged woman fighting Uncle Sam as the star; trying to save the world and becoming exhausted, unable to focus on her own needs. 

The heroine of my movie, as Robert suggested, is so much bigger than that.

And Robert meant it. 

Often, when we are truly seen, we are filled with a mix of excitement and yet, our worthiness issues come up. We are all living the same story, after all, on some level. I have learned, through many a painful lesson, that I am not alone. That all I have to do is ask.

I am not afraid that we will not be able to take Tiny Home Sisterhood to glory after glory, because finally, I have been given no choice.

So, in parting, I want to share what has come to me the past 24 hours, as this speeds up beyond what I could have imagined, filling me with courage, joy, and, hope, real hope.

Victims believe that they have no choice, while making many, none leading to true happiness. Mastery is about knowing that we have only ONE choice.

I know that we, as a global society are coming to that ONE choice. 

Come one, come all.

In light,


Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation
from 25.00

Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation supports the People, Environment, and Community that our hearts are designed to help.

Thank You!

Melinda Polet's Important Voice

Lani Obina, Melinda Polet, and Robert John Cook

Lani Obina, Melinda Polet, and Robert John Cook

Tiny Home Sisterhood


Through the Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation, Tiny Homes Sisterhood has the opportunity to activate One Hand Up; an opportunity for each person that comes toward the Tiny Home Sisterhood, to bring their plan to life.

Optimistic Vibe is here to help women and children help share information, that said... We can come together, to make” one thing that needs to look better, to “shine brighter”, to make “one thing easier.
— Melinda Polet

We have come together as one voice.

We are Awakening...

Optimistic Vibe is making it easier for our people, doing our small part on the Big Island of Hawaii by reaching out to single mothers and children in need.

We will be building on 20 acres of land here on the island of Hawaii. To be a part of something bigger than ourselves, not by changing the world, but by changing our own lives with full commitment to our children, through our elders, learning from their wisdom, their gifts.

In order to keep up, we must be kept up.
— Melinda Polet

We are here to guide,

through the Ancient Elders' Seven Teachings


Seven Teachings (2).jpg


Our children CAN...

Live their lives from a place of peace, passion and purpose.

Optimistic Vibe is,

The first of its kind, on a journey of self-discovery on the Big Island of Hawaii, the prototype for the world in building sustainable community of strong mothers and children that contribute to their communities with passion, and purpose.

Safety, sovereignty and courage are our divine birthright.
— Melinda Polet

We all have a purpose,

We are healthier when we know we are not alone.

Our elders knew this, and now, the elders of today are teaching these skills to the younger generation and their children through Tiny Home Sisterhood.

Robert John Cook, founder of Tiny Home Sisterhood, through the wisdom and courage of his ancesters, his mother, who raised him and his brother, as a single mother, is bringing to our time the Ancient Elder’s Seven Teachings.

More about our Story...

Tiny Home Sisterhood is a re-defined workplace, based the these Ancient Elders Seven Teachings.


Who We Are

Tiny Home Sisterhood is

One Hand Up...the opportunity for women and children in need to own a tiny home, advancing our “dream come true” with the resources, tools, and opportunity for furthering our evolutionary growth.

One Hand Up

We believe that the way to remain optimistic, visionary, and inclusive, is to practice these principles in action, in the NOW.  We are in that Now, as a collective.

Many will talk that they want to live the “good life” of sustainability, passion, joy, and peace.  We are providing a strong foundation for mothers and their families to secure their commitment through participating and doing business with us.

What does this mean?

Optimistic Vibe together with Tiny Home Sisterhood, HGTV, Music for the People, and several other successful community business ventures are expanding their horizons to meet the “immediate need” of women and their children at this time.

It means you and your children will be designing and building your own tiny home, together with other women.

You will learn to grow your own garden, work with legislature to empower yourself and others to move legislation forward in not only permitting, but applauding your efforts to design and build your own tiny home.

You will be the architect, the builder, the creator of your own garden of Eden, while re- discovering your passion.

We provide opportunity, resources and a platform to prosper self-reliance, female empowerment, thereby leading to greater community sustainability.

Learn more...

Name *

Why Love my brother David

The cold New England winter morning...

Fresh snow having fallen throughout the night, provided ideal conditions for two young brothers to venture through woods and go ice skating, maybe even practice ice hockey.

As a twelve year old being home during school break for the Christmas holidays I felt quite smart when I said to my younger brother, David, ‘Instead of our fingers freezing in the cold, we should lace up our ice skates in the warmth of home instead of carrying them a mile through the woods to the pond.’

‘Great idea,’ David said, of course he would agree with his older brother no matter what the ‘brilliant’ idea was.

Sitting beside the Christmas Tree in the warmth of our festive Living Room, David and I laced up our ice skates, quite proud of our brilliant idea. As Irish Twins, my brother David and I did everything together. Our single mother, never earning more than minimum wage, worked hard all the time, or as she taught us, ‘There is no such thing as hard work, you just do what you gotta do in life, and never complain.’ I don’t recall my brother and I ever complaining, nor can I recall my brother and I ever doing without, our mother always made it work, even when the chips were down. I learned to believe there is no force equal to that a determined woman, and our mother was more than determined, she was an optimist, no matter what.

David and I laced up our skates, grabbed our hockey sticks and snow shovel to clean off the freshly fallen snow on the small pond, and headed out the door. The new snow was crisp and cold and blanketed the floor of the woods like a white carpet. Beneath the carpet of snow however we couldn’t see the rocks, roots, nor branches and logs beneath the snow that made it slippery to walk on the thin blades of the ice skates. My brother David and I would walk a few steps, get caught on something beneath the surface of the snow, trip, and fall repeatedly. Hard headed and determined, just like our mother had taught us, we persevered nonetheless. Took a bit of time, but haven’t fallen, risen many times, we ventured again repeatedly with determination and we eventually made it through the woods in our backyard to the small frozen pond at the end of the forest.

David was eager to ice skate and quickly got to work cleaning off the fresh snow on the small frozen pond. It was when he got out toward the middle of the small pond that I heard David fall through the ice into the frozen water and scream for help. I had to get him out of the frozen water right away, something bad was about to happen. I raced to my brother’s aid, the ice gave way beneath me and I too became immersed in the frozen water. I recall to this day never feeling the effect of the freezing water, ‘you do what you gotta do’, and I did.

The water depth of the small pond allowed me to trudge to my brother David’s rescue. He was shaking violently from the cold. I grabbed David, through him over my shoulder and directed us to the edge of the small pond. Everything below the surface of the water, the leaves, the logs, the branches and rocks were like walking on grease while wearing thin blades of ice skates. As I carried my brother to the edge of the pond we fell in the water over and over again. Getting David out of the water and back home was my focus, should I not make it back before severe hypothermia set in David would suffer. I became a force equal to that of a determined brother. With David slung over my shoulder I began the determined process of carrying him while waking in ice skates, repeatedly falling from the unbalanced and slippery conditions that laid beneath the white carpet of the snow. I would lose my balance, fall, and rise again and again, each time protecting my brother as we fell. My mantra became, ‘no matter what’, a mantra that would stay with me for the rest of my life. To this day, forty-nine years later, I still exercise ‘no matter what’ in all that I set out to accomplish.

No matter what I was going to get David home, and I did.

When I wrote my book, Pride, about our family history going back five hundred years, the first person to receive a copy of my book was my brother, David. He had been living 1,500 miles away in Florida with his wife and three children for twenty plus years. Two days after receiving my book David called me and said, “I want to come home, and work together.” I was so excited!

The next day I received a phone call that my brother David had a heart attack and died. The last words he spoke to me were, “I want to come home and work together”. David’s last words would repeat themselves to me and over and over again, and for the last six years I have responded to the ‘I want to work together’ in the production of the book David and I wrote together called Optimistic Vibe.

David’s last words, “I want to come home” is the reason behind Tiny Home Hawai’i. The ‘home’ that David is coming home to is what I am building today. In our book, Optimistic Vibe, I am focused not on the profit and greed of a business, instead, David and I spent four and half years with two universities reinventing today’s common Business Model into a never before seen collaborative project that addresses social concerns, just like our eleven generations ago grandfather di at Plymouth Rock when he welcomed the Pilgrims from the Mayflower, as I spelled out in my book ‘Pride’.

The first social concern David and I are addressing is for our mother: Oppression of Woman. When our mother struggled with trying to make ends meet while earning no more than minimum wage the effects of opportunity and homelessness plagued us. I am well-versed with child abuse from my father, but nothing he did could equal the effect my mother’s fear would have on my David me as children. Fact is, the fear that a single mother must endure when society looks down at her as a burden and treats her poorly goes right through the mother into the heart of the child and stays there a lifetime. For our mother’s eightieth birthday David and I gave our mother the Tiny Home Sisterhood, an opportunity of self-reliance for single mothers in need of a home and a decent paying job with training… One Hand Up.

My mother recently told me that my Great Spirit is using my passion to open doors to carry David home to our Tiny Home Hawai'i. This week I traveled six thousand miles from Hawai’i to the East Coast of the Mainland to visit my mother and retrieve my brother David’s ashes. I have endured much to launch Tiny Home Hawai’i and David and I are now at the finish line, my courage equals my strength to persevere, when I fall I rise each time, no matter what I will dig deep until David’s ashes honor our home, David’s resting place is at our ‘Garden In Paradise”. The reason for the name ‘Garden In Paradise is that the acronym is GIP, which is David’s nickname, he was always known as ‘Gip’.

I love Gip.


And, in the end, here is what David and I told our beautiful Mother... 

One Hand Up?

One Hand Up

I can't alone... but WE CAN TOGETHER

Confidence and Passion!


Tiny Home Sisterhood Collaboration

Opportunity & Growth

  • One Hand Up provides you people working together in collaboration for opportunities of employment, support, and resources to fulfill your Vision.

Resources & Support

  • One Hand Up provides opportunities for Employment
  • One Hand Up provides Support
  • One Hand Up provides Resources
  • One Hand Up provides the chance to fulfill your Vision

Community & Care

  • One Hand Up honors indigenous culture with your Vision to protect culture. 
  • One Hand Up is bringing to life your Vision for Music For The People. 
  • One Hand Up is you working with veteran outreach’s “Welcome Home” 
  • One Hand Up is you approaching world-renowned local musician Nahko to offer our project to our beautiful people of Hawai’i as a cultural gift of Aloha. 

Your Own Tiny Home & Beyond...

  • One Hand Up is you building your very own Tiny Home at LoveLiving Naalehu
  • One Hand Up is you repeating our appearance (we hope!) with a weekly nationally televised show on HGTV called How-To Tiny Home Hawai’i filled with Tiny Home Sisterhood’s excitement! 
  • One Hand Up is you delivering to America from Tiny Home capitol of the world, Portland, Oregon on April 8/9 from our booth and display at the Tiny House Conference. 
  • One Hand Up is you planning to travel from our national announcement in Portland to HGTV, and then it’s on to hopefully share our good news with Oprah! 
  • One Hand Up is capturing our amazing journey on film for our documentary for Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival. From there, who knows, Good Morning America, CNN, the Today Show… 

Apply online

How-To Tiny Home Hawai'i

Local Veteran ready to go to Portland?

Be a Spokesperson for Tiny Home Big Heart with a smile for HGTV and Oprah (hopefully!)!

  • Star of “How-To” videos as you display our scaled model of “LOVE” to the public.
  • Share your Aloha as the representative of Tiny Home Sisterhood’s “Design By Heart, Built with Confidence”, Sisters showcasing our Tiny Home “LOVE” and our progress building LoveLiving Na’alehu.
  • Introduce Education For The People to Local Community Service Organizations.
  • Present the Tiny Home Sisterhood by advocating international public participation.
  • Stand as the public image of How-To Tiny Home Hawai’i
  • Express your knowledge at Workshops (links to Workshop events listings Page), Presentations (links to Presentations events listings Page), and Gatherings (Gatherings events listings Page) in building affordable shelters of all shapes and sizes, and materials in Hawai’i
  • Attend our display booth during the Tiny House Conference, Portland, Oregon, April 8/9
  • Be the Star of our upcoming (hopefully!) HGTV “How-To Tiny Home Hawai’i” weekly nationally televised show

Native Self-Reliance

Community-built Self-Sustainability is...

Tiny Home Sisterhood is building the home you long to go home to... someplace we have never been - a place half-remembered and half-envisioned we can only catch glimpses of from time to time. We invite you to join our journey of triumph through empowerment.

Community. The Tiny Home Sisterhood is building home... where people to whom we can speak with passion without having the words catch in our throats. Our approach to building our Community is balance and renew ourselves by reconnecting with life's simple pleasures.

The Tiny Home Sisterhood is building a circle of hands that will open to receive us, eyes will light up as we enter, voices will celebrate with us whenever we come into our own power. We invite you, near and far, to belong to the confidence we can give each other.

Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done. The Tiny Home Sisterhood believes, as sisters united, 'There is no such thing as hard work, we just do what we gotta do'.

Arms to hold us when we falter. The Tiny Home Sisterhood is 'One Hand Up' building the platform of resources and tools for us, our children, and our children's children.

A circle of healing. The Tiny Home Sisterhood is our opportunity to evolve and grow. Our circle of healing is our Fire Circle of Life... join us and celebrate 'Music For The People'. You are going to love it!

A circle of friends. The Tiny Home Sisterhood is a gathering of sisters in need of community, environment, and opportunity. We invite you to join our 'Circle of Friends'.

The Tiny Home Sisterhood is building our place where we can be free. We would like to fair trade with you for a tool you have for a beautiful offering we have. The fair trade offering is if you purchase our delightful book 'Tiny Homes of Hawai'i' and enjoy our colorful photo-journal blog each week as we develop footage our national television show on HGTV.

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Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader’s running mate, the brilliant woman Winona LaDuke, said during a speech "We don't want a bigger piece of their pie. We want a different pie." The Tiny Home Sisterhood agrees with Winona LaDuke, adding we don’t want a hand out, we simply need One Hand Up with the assistance from Wisdom of Elder’s.

One Hand Up is the answer to Winona LaDuke’s intelligent perspective of calling for a ‘Different Pie’. America currently has an estimated 13.6 million single mothers raising over roughly 21 million children. Addressing their needs, the Tiny Home Sisterhood is one small experiment as the ‘Different Pie’… pro-positive Social Architecture addressing our Self-Reliance needs.

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Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock: Oppression

Stand with the 'One Native' for the Social Concern of Oppression

Join the New Native applying Shoulder To The Wheel for the Gathering of Women... bringing One Hand Up alive at Safe Harbor Self-Reliance Community.

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6 Ways To Love Self-Reliance

6 Ways To Live Self-Sustainability

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Self-sustainability is what the Tiny Home Sisterhood is all about at A'ama Organic Farm's Griffith's Sustainability Community , join ‘Social Architecture’ in our self-managed LoveLiving workplace. The Tiny Home Sisterhood is proud to bring you Self-Sustainability at A'ama Organic Farm's Griffith's Sustainability Community, join ‘Social Architecture’ in our self-managed LoveLiving workplace. FREE with your membership to the Tiny Home Sisterhood is our Online Newsletter

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Introducing the NEW Permaculture

Human Sustainability

“Support Your Awakening”

Human Sustainability is your self-empowerment of action (not words) of the Native Elder’s Teachings of Love, Respect, Honesty, Truth, Courage, Humility, and Wisdom.

Human Sustainability provides you confidence to your circle of life for Opportunity of Self, our Community, Resources and Support to Grow, and Natural Ecosystems for your Home.


Opportunity of Self with empowerment, passion, and confidence to move forward and celebrate each present moment of your life: LoveLiving Wellness Platform.

Community of amazing like-minded people exploring the joys and sharing your awakening: LoveLiving Na'alehu.

Resources and Support to experience growth and apply what you learn to opportunity for building your future: One Hand Up.

Natural ecosystems to support a beautifully private place of Home from where you enjoy and share your improved lifestyle: Tiny Home Hawai'i.

Opportunity and Growth of Self

Life has many diverse pathways, some leading to love and joy and some stepped with fear.

Human Sustainability is a path of unconditional love, joy and blessings.

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Life can be isolation and loneliness.

Human Sustainability is exciting people, adventure, and a family of community.

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Resources and Support

Pursuit of more without direction can leave us empty and shallow.

Human Sustainability is applying action to what matters most as life’s reward.

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Natural Ecosystems to support a place of Home

The road of Life twists and turns, our Lifestyle may not be valued.

Human Sustainability is a place which grows the seeds and breath of life… connecting to all forms of life, nature, spirit, peacefulness, love, and kindness… while living sustainably in a Tiny Home of sustainable materials & geometrically sacred spaces.

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In January 2011, the writer Robert John Cook released a rough draft outline of fifty nine pages that conceptualized what is today his book ‘Optimistic Vibe’. The book, Optimistic Vibe’ regards the journey of an artist exploring with two universities re-inventing today’s modern business model, converting the business model in the process to serve the role of Human Sustainability.

Robert John Cook’s Native American GGGGGGGGfather helped broker the settlement that resulted in the First Thanksgiving. Robert John Cook lives the values of true Cape Cod—He is committed to his community—offering all of us a shared hand to improve our streets, our culture, our senses and our lives. Robert John Cook’s ancestors arrived here four hundred years ago searching for a particular salvation—and he has presented now a program which will shine a light.
— Maxwell Taylor Kennedy

Robert John Cook reached back in time through his native bloodline and through extensive research and assistance from the University of Hawai’i and the University of Massachusetts, Robert John Cook defied the odds to re-invent today’s modern Industrial Age business model and transformed it into Human Sustainability for the Next Age.

‘Optimistic Vibe’ is the story of how an artist over a five year period stretching from 2011-2016 held onto to his vision with empowerment, passion, and confidence.


Welcome, a new dawn is emerging. Like the morning sun that spills on Iao Valley after Pele's gift of protection to her people Haleakala has blessed it with Aloha, the new dawn brings a positive shift, positive energy being applied to making the world a better place through an intelligent, and sustainable community. A proven concept of community that dates back five hundred native years to my ancestral original nation; a sense of care for the individual, environment, and community.

The hallmark of Human Sustainability is but one characteristic that all 7 billion of us on the planet Earth share. From our first breath until our last breath all 7 billion of us, and the many 7 billion before, we all share the one instinctive characteristic, to search to be Loved, search to give Love, and search to share Love. Love is our compass heading pointing us home, this is why Love is instinctive to us. Some search for Love harder than others, from those hard workers that lead in the name of Love, they are 12% of today's population, glorious forward thinkers, international in scope, individually around the world, unified in innovative heart in features that define Human Sustainability. Those that give Love are visionary, real dreams building real rainbows that hold tremendous sustainable ideas to make things better. Independent, but connected in scope, those that Love are stretching their arms excitingly to gather hands around the world, making the world flat once again, using technology with unlimited freedom to be as innovative and bola as to inspire creativity by honoring passion.

From my research for this book, every Original Nation I reviewed shared a common theme, they held as it's core value Love for the person, environment, and community as the measurement of worth. Similarly, today 12%'ers of Human Sustainability are following the same ancestral formula. These passionate and brilliant pioneers are focused on living with tremendous vibrancy, at an operating frequency most of us can only dream about, living larger than life, productive through their vision and dedication to make things better, pure positive energy they are. While researching over the last five years through the Small Business Development Centers of the University of Hawai'i and University of Massachusetts, I have met with thousands of them, from every country, culture, and sustainable perspective. They are applying innovative creativity to make things better, creating a better way, a new way, propelling us into the Next Age, an age of Evolution. Hats off to them, these people of Human Sustainability are positive energy with Love. They are my heroes.

These amazing heroes are not interested in changing, judging, nor controlling anything, on the contrary, they are only interested in unselfishly applying their unlimited positive energy to make things better. And to their merit they will, not because their intention to make things better is directed by some political force, but instead because throughout our history there have been many small handfuls of positive people prompting many types of worldwide social movements, all driven by inspiring social need. The inspiration for today is a social movement for the Next Age: Human Sustainability. Formed from the energy of many positive people around the world working toward delivering goodness to the people with Love to the overwhelming number of brothers and sisters struggling with a myriad of social challenges, to overcome an ailing environment, and realign our distrusting community so people are no longer treated as machines.

The new social movement toward Human Sustainability follows the social movement that shifted us from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, the social movement that nudged us from the Iron Age into the Renaissance Age, the social movement that sent us from the Renaissance Age to the Reformation Age, and the social movement that delivered the Industrial Age. Today's exciting social movement towards the Next Age: Human Sustainability is occurring now because 12% of society has globally decided that a new idea should replace an old idea.


Beginning about the year 1720 the Industrial Age built machines to increase productivity, and soon people were treated like machines with time clocks and performance measurements related to pay and job security, from this 28% of Americans 'hate' their job, not dislike, but rather 'hate'. Roughly one quarter of the working population spend each day 'hating' their workday, day in day out, working to obtain a paycheck they will trade for more and more of the stuff they make at a job they 'hate' daily. As for the environment, the Industrial Age destroyed delicate ecosystems. Community? The Industrial Age consumed entire traditional cultures.

Over a period of two hundred and fifty years the Industrial Age's purpose of convincing people to compete in acting like machines has created a work, earn, spend cycle that has fed greed, from which today the 200 wealthiest people in the world have an annual income that exceeds the 2.5 billion poorest people of the world. This machine/person, productivity/greed scenario is not sustainable and the Industrial Age is hence coming to a close, as witnessed in the loss of manufacturing over the last few decades, in the social shift of trust in Wall Street and Washington, etc. However, the times they are a changing, the world is promisingly shifting toward Human Sustainability, 12%'ers making the world a better place because technology is linking their positive energy one shining star connecting with one shining star at a time, soon technology will connect all stars and the bright light will propel their beautiful social movement.

The Industrial Age has built and produced our infrastructure, meaning the Industrial Age served its purpose of 'advancing' humankind so we could prepare for the exciting new social movement, but the old methods from the Industrial Age no longer fit today’s needs. For example, addressing today’s need to repair the Industrial Age's subsequent environmental impact demands innovative non-Industrial Age thinking. We can't use old thinking on fixing new challenges. Albert Einstein said it best: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

The Bronze Age didn’t end because we ran out of bronze, and the Iron Age didn’t end because we ran out of iron, much the same holds true that the Industrial Age will not end because we ran out of industrial needs, but rather, the Industrial Age is coming to a close because its methods are unsustainable. Simply put, the mission of the Industrial Age was to focus on building machines, with the dollar as a measurement of productivity, an unsustainable practice. Evidence is seen when we focus on machinery and a dollar as a priority rather than focusing on the person as a priority social depression is the result, i.e., socially depressed people lose trust in Wall Street and financial institutions collapse as was the case in 2008, socially depressed people lose hope in politicians and don’t vote, and among socially depressed people social apathy replaces personal interest.

A sustainable world, compared to an industrial world, requires thinking differently toward the person, our environment, and our sense of community. A return to people, not machines, as our inspiration to support by joining in the encouragement of a handful of innovative thinkers with an optimistic vibe around the globe making the world a better place. The creative genius creating a better world through imaginative systems that nurture collaboration across every conceivable boundary with a core value where Love for the person, environment, and community are the measurement of worth. These thinkers with an optimistic vibe are not, nor do they have to be, CEO’s or presidents, nor any other ‘prestigious’ title, on the contrary, the creative genius that will make the world a better place are not flag wavers, nor those out for political gain. They are simple folks, advocates dedicated to advancing the person, sharing advocacy through awareness on environmental concerns, and lucky for us they wear their heart on their sleeve regarding care for our community. They are demographically only 12% of our population, varying in age, size, and beliefs, but they are incredibly strong, extremely intelligent, and wonderfully determined, and they are beginning to organize in numbers.

We are open-minded folks like you and I, goodhearted people dedicated to problem solving versus finger pointing, dedicated to positive energy versus negative, Pro-Positive. We are advocates as demonstrated in our peaceful advocacy to raise awareness on a host of social concerns. We are a social movement called Optimistic Vibe, creative thinkers making the world a better place by sharing a common motto as our important advocacy.

We have a strategy, and if you are one of the creative people out to help make the world a better place with an optimistic vibe, this book is dedicated to you. Thank you for joining us.

With love, and Aloha,

Robert John Cook


Human Sustainability Defined

Human Sustainability is the harmonious integration of the people, environment, and community in a sustainable way for a secure place for living things on this earth

Human Sustainability is the use of people, environment, and community as the basis for designing integrated systems of a practical, creative approach to the challenges of diminishing resources and threatened global environmental and cultural crises we now face.

Human Sustainability addresses the way we live on this planet in a graceful and healthy way where the elements interact in mutually beneficial ways to produce a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Human Sustainability is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor; of looking at all life and Nature in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single-product system.

Human Sustainability gives witness to present concern, and builds a beneficial future legacy.

Human Sustainability is an ethical design tool, creating sustainability through the integration of diversity, stability, and resilience in culturally-sound, ecologically-sound, economically-viable human environments.

Human Sustainability is a world-wide movement of designers, teachers, and grassroots advocates working to advance people, environment, and community.

Human Sustainability is the ethical and holistic foundation for sustainable culture, environment, and community.

Human Sustainability is a body of knowledge susceptible to learning and teaching, a way of organizing knowledge, connecting systems that integrate diverse experiences and resources.

Human Sustainability is an innovative science that balances community development with ecological sensitivity.

Human Sustainability is a natural ally to an organic approach to caring for people, environment, and community development.

Human Sustainability integrates the human community into Nature’s design, a design providing us spiritual fulfillment within a balanced and healthy cultural, environment, and strengthened community.

Human Sustainability is the use of people, environment, and community as the basis for utilizing technology for community development with an ethic of caring for the earth and interacting with the environment in mutually beneficial ways.

Human Sustainability is to create abundance.

Human Sustainability works with natural forces to create productive people, environment, and community.

Human Sustainability is a way of designing and living sustainably by cooperating with Nature.

Human Sustainability is a paradigm shift.

Human Sustainability is addressing the way we live on this planet in a graceful and healthy way, respecting the plants & animals around us, and leaving Mother Earth in a more productive and healthier state than we found it.

Human Sustainability is a way of life dedicated to making the world a better place.

12 Features of Human Sustainability

1. The future is being enjoyed today by a rapidly growing number of Visionaries practicing Human Sustainability to make the world a better place around the world. They have an optimistic vibe of Love to demonstrate to others a peace, harmony, and thankfulness that fosters a balance among all humans, all plant life, and to all living entities.

2. Visionaries that practice Human Sustainability around the world live with love in our hearts and we walk an honest path in our life to demonstrate Real Transparency. We believe Dalai Lama was right: "A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity." Real Transparency works well for Visionaries.

3. As Visionaries of Human Sustainability we believe Giving is the Greatest Reward we will ever Receive. In return, we Receive in return for Giving the respect of Self that fits nicely with our passion to make the world a better place.

4. As Visionaries of Human Sustainability the truth we seek is present-moment awareness of the love we give, and cherish. By practicing present-moment awareness in our workplace we enjoy the optimistic vibe of harmony, which makes for an AMAZING team:)

5. From being humble Visionaries practicing Human Sustainability we are creating the platform for understanding all our relations, our simple humility allows us to be equal to others as one. In practice, we call this our Love Living Journey, back in the Industrial Age this was called a job.

6. Join us as we explore the future of Human Sustainability and build and share together. A place of community enjoying Courage to go back 400 Native Years to a time of Seven Teachings passed down from Elder to Elder for many generations around the world, delivering goodness to others, a courageous manner that allows us to live larger than Fear, allowing Visionaries to reach beyond what might seemingly be obstructions.

7. Visionaries of Human Sustainability respect the creative genius that opened the doors for us to follow in their footsteps, they taught us that passion will lead us to our purpose when we believe with everything we've got. Vincent Van Gogh added, “…such passion is spiritual in calling”. We invite you to join us in believing in your passion to make the world a better place.

8. Join Visionaries practicing Human Sustainability by awakening the new world with the platform of tools for Empowerment, Passion, and Confidence.

9. Around the world Visionaries of Human Sustainability are awakening the new world with the platform of tools for reaching inside ourselves to empower our Oneness with Nature.

10. Visionaries are standing in number and with Human Sustainability from their heart we are awakening the new world with the platform of tools for empowering our journey of evolving wellness.

11. Join us and bring your vision for a better world, Human Sustainability is awakening the new world with the platform of tools for utilizing your creativity to empower your Love to conquer your Fears.

12. Visionaries are global and circling the planet, belong to amazing people with amazing projects awakening the new world with the platform of tools for empowering ourselves to join in with universal positive energy around the world. We are the Visionaries awakening the new world with the platform of tools through re-invented employment practices based on empowerment of passion.


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Opportunity and Growth of Self

Life has many diverse pathways, some leading to love and joy and some stepped with fear.

Human Sustainability is a path of unconditional love, joy and blessings.

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Life can be isolation and loneliness.

Human Sustainability is exciting people, adventure, and a family of community.

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Resources and Support

Pursuit of more without direction can leave us empty and shallow.

Human Sustainability is applying action to what matters most as life’s reward.

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Natural Ecosystems to support a place of Home

The road of Life twists and turns, our Lifestyle may not be valued.

Human Sustainability is a place which grows the seeds and breath of life… connecting to all forms of life, nature, spirit, peacefulness, love, and kindness… while living sustainably in a Tiny Home of sustainable materials & geometrically sacred spaces.

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