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You are invited to a community that inspires and supports Single Mothers and their children.

You are empowering us with the opportunity to be self-reliant.

We believe that to live our most authentic, fulfilled life, we need the support of you cheering us on.

Belong to those of us that believe to have more of what we deeply desire in our life, we need inspiration and support.

Thank you!


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Be part of our journey to HGTV!

Sisterhood Ohana is honored that singer/songwriter Robert John Cook has contributed to our soundtrack. The soundtrack is in progress of reaching out to musicians via Music For The People to promote their music in our presentation to HGTV. We invite you to be proud in helping us assist local musicians!

Your support entitles you to all the 'back stage' activity that comes with producing our television show presentation for HGTV, and all the exciting behind the scene adventure of creating our film documentary for Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival. Join the buzz!

With your support, you will be provided the password to download Robert John Cook's insightful songs. All songs are MP3 formatted for your music listening device.