Organize Your Passion

Organize Your Passion

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Passion! Complete Kit with Tools and Techniques to plot your LoveLiving Journey! 

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Tiny Home Sisterhood presents...

Path of Passion

Believer Of Passion Planner Journal Workbook

This is a pre-release offer to assist us with publishing costs. You will receive...

FREE Online LoveLiving Workbook challenges to take with you to your fav coffeehouse.

FREE 'Path Of Passion' TShirt

FREE 'Path Of Passion' Photo Journal Quote Book

FREE One Native magazine subscription

Living your Passion is a Lifestyle Decision

Will you decide to be Happy?

Develop the Tools & Techniques

Explore the online LoveLiving Workbook! Filled with exciting online workbook challenges that will fill your Passion Planner with clear direction!

Support Your Awakening!


Here's what you'll receive:

Passion Planner

Lifestyle Upgrade

How To Organize Your Passion Planner

FREE 'Path To Passion' tshirt

Share Your Passion with Your World!

'Path Of Passion' Photo Journal Quote Book

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Enjoy Your Path Of Passion in Hawai'i?