Music For The People

Music For The People


Music For The People Membership is a community of women and men who inspire and support Single Mothers and their children.

As a member of Meditation For The People you will be empowering us with the opportunity to host Music events, creating much needed jobs for ourselves.

Join 'Wisdom of Elders' as we believe that to live our most authentic, fulfilled life, we need the support of you cheering us on.

Belong to those of us that believe to have more of what we deeply desire in our life, we need inspiration and support.

By joining our Music For The People Membership, you will help us with exactly what we need -- to know you are there fo us!

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Become a Member of Sisterhood Ohana

We are Elders honoring the Truth Within of Single Mothers

The most powerful thing a woman can do is speak her truth.
— Oprah Winfrey

Join our Mission

Bring with ease for Single Mothers new foundations for the new paradigm of Awakening Your Truth Within. To honor that on the path of Awakening Your Truth Within: One day you, next day me. To foster the strengths women and children have, and be a beacon under the Ancient Elders teachings. To foster a path of discovery and unimaginable solutions as women speak their truth.

Join 'Wisdom of Elders'

Your membership helps our role to give One Hand Up to Single Mothers in Hawai’i the Confidence, Empowerment and Courage to speak our truth.

  • Drawing from past experiences we build a job around your Truth Within.

  • We want to share our knowledge and most of all share our love in supporting you to live your Truth Within and love yourself and your life.

  • Discover you are Important, you are Valued, and you are Loved.

  • We share our path with you, every step whenever you need us.

  • Live your Truth, take One Hand Up and love yourself… Give To Yourself

'Wisdom Of Elders', Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation, a 501-3C Non-Profit, Benefit Corporation

You are Important, Valued, and Loved...

As a Member you will be helping us help Single Mothers in need. Together we can provide encouragement. Together we can say... "You need to be yourself. You come with the skills you already have, that are inside you, that are inside your children. You have the opportunity to build on these skills, through workshops and the building of our place of like-minded community. You don’t need a resume, you don’t need a college degree. You need to be passionate about our divine birthright to incept, create, and self-realize."

As a Member your generous donation helps to support ‘Pono Imua’, a new social framework that has been carefully engineered to meet the growing needs of those that are Awakening Your Truth Within.

Your membership helps us provide Single Mothers $15/hour + Full Benefits Paid

As a Member you will help a Single Mother take part in a series of on-the-job training workshops, bringing her skills and areas of expertise, all the while building home after home, dream after dream, because the new home is the ‘easily built home’.

Better Lifestyle...

All of us here at Sisterhood Ohana are mothers, healers... we have been drawn together by our like minded passions and purpose. To build our own homes, sustainably, alternative and off the grid.

Your Membership is everything to us, not because of the important financial contribution, but rather, your membership tells us that you stand with us, and that is all we need to take off and fly!