Designed By Heart Workbook

Designed By Heart Workbook

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Designed By Heart Workbook will explore your Truth Within and reveal the passion-based Feng Shui for your new or existing homespace.

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Wellness is Home reflecting your Passion... 

Your passion spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and financially.

Your Home, is not a place to hold stuff.  Home is the nurturing of your Passion.

Complete the following exercise and your front door will become your gateway to the portal delivering your passion-based lifestyle.

Watch this video and explore a workshop designed to discover your Awakening, your spiritual memoir, designed by heart...

Passion-Based Feng Shui, the Designed By Heart method... explore your Passion! What do you need to write your Spiritual Memoir and share your exploration at Sisterhood Ohana's Writer's Workshop.

Explore your Upscale Hippie lifestyle in Hawai'i, can you feel it? Sisterhood Ohana is interested in learning more about your home as your temple ideas.

Are you excited to welcome the community wrapped around your Cottage By The Sea... the Sisterhood that your energy helps in discovering their One Hand Up experience of self-reliance at the Māla Farm Community Homespace.

How about your uniquely designed affordable home, 'Cottage By The Sea', being featured on our presentation HGTV Alternative Homes Hawai'i.

Convert your existing Home into a Passion Lifestyle

Or, enjoy your new Cottage By The Sea in Hawai'i.

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