LoveLiving Workbook

LoveLiving Workbook


LoveLiving... develop the spiritual, emotional, social, financial, physical, and intellectual tools and techniques of Self-Reliance: Passion for the vision, Commitment to trust unimaginable solutions, and Perseverance to open every door. Bring the lifestyle you dream of to life!

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Welcome to your new lifestyle...

LoveLiving Wellness

Passion changes everything...

You are about to Awaken!

This is a special pre-release offer to assist us with publishing costs. With the LoveLiving Workbook discover the tools to explore your Truth Within. Passion-based living is about exploring your passion. Understanding what is inside of you, way down deep, your passion, your Truth Within.

Sisterhood Ohana is pleased to announce 'Spiritual Architecture'. Design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry are all features of Spiritual Architecture. We have added a benefit to these features: What we feel passion for is spiritual in calling. By adding your passion to the design of your existing home, or perhaps you're considering upgrading to 'Cottage By The Sea', we are proving you passion-based living. Your revolutionary lifestyle approach!

First, start with your journal, let's call it your 'Thought Catalog'. Second, you will be given fifty-six LoveLiving Workbook questions, each challenge requires tremendous consideration. To understand your Truth Within and uncover your passion so we can design your Cottage By The Sea, complete each of the six categories of passion-based Spiritual Architecture. 

Submit your answers online and we will contact you for the next step!

Your password to the LoveLiving Workbook will be provided at time of purchase:)