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Our Core Values


Our Mission

“Robert John Cook lives the values —He is committed to his community—offering all of us a shared hand to improve our streets, our culture, our senses and our lives. His ancestors arrived here four hundred years ago searching for a particular salvation—and he has presented now a program which will shine a light.”

— Maxwell Taylor Kennedy

Our Mission is:

To provide people with the resources, tools, platform, and ongoing support they need to create a “culture of social architecture” for stewardship within their community.

Our Goals are:

To advocate self-reliance skills for seven generations, to enhance our environment, and better our community.

Our Vision is:

A world where care for people is priority #1, and all are healthier as a result of living in an environment of love, honesty, respect, truth, courage, humility, and wisdom.

Table of Contents

Introduction. 1

A ‘Zen’ experience. 2

Standards of Conduct 2

Personal Style. 5

Communication. 5

Intellectual Property. 5

Productive Work Environment and Harassment Policy. 5

What is OV Truth Within, Inc?. 7

Namaste (EEO and Diversity Policy) 7

Reasonable Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities - 8

Human Resources Records. 8

Pay Practices. 9

Leaves of Absence. 9

Suggestion Program.. 10

Safety and Security. 10

Acknowledgement 10





Welcome to Optimistic Vibe, Inc!!

OV is built on a business model that is unlike anything else you will find – anywhere!  This is an open sourced model – we will share the business plan with anyone who wants it! 

Unlike most organizations, at OV you are not an employee merely identified by an employee number.  You are a unique, individual, wonderful artistic being; one whose experience and creativity we are so excited to have on board!  At OV, our goal is 100% employee satisfaction.  And we strive to accomplish this through our OV Truth Within, Inc initiative, focusing on wellness in the workplace.

So, what is OV Truth Within, Inc?  You tell us!  OV Truth Within, Inc is going to revolutionize Human Resources from being a department that is one size fits all; to an HR Department customizable to each employee’s needs, desires, passions and goals.  We want to take your passion, and wrap a job around it.  We want you to be excited about work every day, passionate about what you do and excited to be a part of the OV team!

This Artist Reference Guide (commonly referred to as an Employee Manual) is just a first, interactive draft to let you know who we are, and what we stand for.  Over time, this digital guide is going to shift, change and grow as the organization does.  When we are equipped to do so, our artist-employees will be writing the policies of Optimistic Vibe, Inc! 

We are, all together, setting forth on a very exciting, very revolutionary journey together!  WE cannot wait to see where this road leads, and the future that is waiting for Optimistic Vibe, Inc!

Welcome again, and thank you for joining our team!

A ‘Zen’ experience


Workplace Wellness is the focus of the OV Truth Within, Inc initiative. 

The first thing to define is “What is Workplace Wellness”?  Besides the obvious health and wellness aspect which is first to come to mind, we are initially defining it as a workplace devoid of stress.

Workplace stress manifests itself in many harmful ways.  It can lead to depression, lack of motivation, increased emotional sensitivity, increased aggression, lack of concentration, lack of memory, change in eating habits, smoking, substance or alcohol abuse, change in sleep patterns, increased nervousness and lack of participation in work related activities. 

Obviously, when looking at that list, an organization dedicated to workplace wellness will initially focus on reducing workplace stress!  An investigative search resulted in the top stressors in the workplace being as such (from Monster.com):

1.      Being overworked

2.      Being underworked (mundane repetitious tasks)

3.      Job Security

4.      Progression (or lack thereof)

5.      The wrong job

6.      Blame culture

7.      Bad management

8.      Bullying

9.      No support network

10. Poor working environment

Our Standards of Conduct will specifically address each of these items, and how they related to OV.

Standards of Conduct

Yet another way that this Guide is different than what you have seen anywhere else, is that will not be laden with rules and regulations. Yes – there are certain compliance and legal issues that will be covered…but this is going to be a living document where artist input will change create policies as we move forward.  However, there are standards of conduct that should be addressed, especially in our Workplace Wellness aspect of OV Truth Within, Inc.  Here are the OV stances and answers to the top ten workplace stressors:


1.      Being overworked:  At OV, you set your pace.  As long as the work assigned is completed, we are open to the means and methods you do it.  If you feel that the load is too much, please know that this is an open environment with job sharing and a no-judgment environment.  We will all work to help each other succeed, as we all benefit when everyone succeeds. 


2.      Being underworked (mundane, repetitive tasks):  There will be days where you think the task at hand is perhaps mundane (your COO despises filing, finds it extremely mundane) and that can’t be 100% avoided.  HOWEVER- we will always hold our goal of wrapping a job around your passion so that the vast majority of your work stimulates your amazing, creative mind.  At any time you figure out a way to improve on a process, tell us, and then try it!!! 


3.      Job Security:  Ahhhh yes, the way business cultures have gone in favor of a stronger fiscal bottom line.  At OV, we hope you stay with us forever.  Seriously – we do!  While we can’t promise that there are actions that will remove you from the OV family, you will not be arbitrarily fired. Now…disrespecting your fellow artist or OV in general is something that we regard as a choice…and in making that choice you have also made the choice to leave OV.

Before you get nervous about what constitutes disrespecting your fellow artist or OV, here is a list of some things that fall under that category.  Once you read them, you’ll agree… it’s common sense:

a.      Verbal or physical abuse, threatening, intimidating, swearing at a fellow artist or customer/patron of OV


b.      Theft of OV Property, fellow artists’ property, customer/patron’s property; or the intellectual property of OV or fellow artists.


c.      The possession, consumption, selling or influence of alcohol or illegal drugs while representing OV in any fashion


d.      The intentional misrepresentation of your hours worked (same as theft)


e.      The intentional destruction of the property of OV, fellow artists or customer/patrons


f.       Illegal possession of guns or weapons on any OV property, or while representing OV


4.      Progression:  Every hiring decision is made with the mindset of hiring someone to replace the person doing the hiring.  We are an organization that fully believes in promoting from within – and the very day you were chosen for this position, you were chosen because we saw you taking our job down the road.


5.      The Wrong Job:  Because we are taking your passion and wrapping a job around it, we will always work to make sure that your job is the right job for your passion.  This is a learning experience and constant communication will ensure that everything is going in the right direction!  If you feel that you are in the wrong role, let us know, we will work together!


6.      Blame Culture:  Not acceptable at OV.  We work together at all times. If you make a mistake – own it.  We will do the same!  This is a learning experience for us all, but by working together we are sure to attain greatness!


7.      Bad Management:  we will do everything in our power to not be bad managers!  We are working on a culture of self-management and responsibility. We know you are intelligent, creatively minded adults.  We are not going to insult you by treating you any differently.  We are always on hand for guidance and support.


8.      Bullying – NEVER allowed.  EVER.  Please see the section under “Job Security”


9.      No Support Network:  Not only is the leadership team on hand to provide you support, your fellow artists are there for you – and you for them. 


10. Poor working environment:  We will constantly be working towards the greenest possible work environment, and one that promotes overall health and well-being. 

Personal Style

At OV we recognize that your style is an extension of your personality and individuality.  As such, we will not be so insulting as to dictate how you dress, what you look like, what color your hair is or how many piercings/tattoos you have.


In as much as we are giving you that respect, we ask that you choose wisely when you represent OV in public events.  Keep in mind at all times who we are trying to attract to OV.  When you are representing OV at an event, it is a representation of OV and your fellow artists.



All employees will receive an OV email address.  All we ask is that you represent OV


Intellectual Property


Please respect the intellectual property of OV and your fellow employees at all times.  Intellectual property is the same as physical property and should be treated as such.

 Productive Work Environment and Harassment Policy

Optimistic Vibe, Inc will only support an environment that is safe, conducive to 100% employee satisfaction and free from harassment and/or discrimination. The Facility prohibits any form of harassment, and specifically includes harassment based upon disability, age, race, sex, national origin, religion or any other basis protected by state or federal law.  Improper interference with the employees' ability to perform their expected job duties will not be tolerated. Such conduct may result in corrective action up to and including immediate employment termination. A supervisor who fails to take prompt remedial action regarding instances of harassment that has been brought to his or her attention may result in corrective action.

Sexual Harassment

While all forms of harassment are prohibited, it’s necessary to emphasize that sexual harassment is unlawful and is specifically prohibited. Each artist-employee has a responsibility to maintain the workplace free of any form of sexual harassment. No one shall threaten or insinuate, either explicitly or implicitly, that an employee's refusal to submit to sexual advances will adversely affect the employee's employment, evaluation, wages, advancement, assigned duties, shifts, or any other condition of employment.

Other sexually harassing conduct in the workplace, whether committed by supervisors or non-supervisory personnel, is also prohibited.  This qualifies as disrespecting your fellow artists and OV.  Such conduct includes, but is not limited to:

·      Sexual flirtations, touching, advances, or propositions;

·      Verbal abuse of a sexual nature, including inappropriate jokes;

·      Graphic or suggestive comments about an individual’s dress or body;

·      Sexually degrading words to describe an individual; and

·      The display in the workplace of sexually suggestive objects or pictures, including nude photographs.


Employee Complaint Procedure Regarding Harassment

Any employee who believes that the actions or words of a supervisor or fellow employee constitute unwelcome harassment has a responsibility to promptly report or complain as soon as possible to her/his supervisor.  If the employee believes it would be inappropriate to discuss the matter with her/his supervisor, (s)he may bypass her/his supervisor and report it directly Human Resources.

All complaints of harassment shall be investigated promptly and in an impartial and confidential manner by the supervisor and/or Human Resources Director.  An employee's complaint will be kept confidential to the maximum extent possible. The employee will be advised of the findings and conclusions from the investigation.



 We will not fire, demote, harass, or otherwise “retaliate” against an individual for filing a charge of harassment or discrimination, participating in a discrimination proceeding, or otherwise opposing discrimination.

What is OV Truth Within, Inc?

The OV Truth Within, Inc initiative is what is going to revolutionize Human Resources from the traditional ‘one size fits all’ where you are a number and are required to conform to the company’s policies and procedures; to one where your passions, interests, wants and needs are taken into consideration when placing you in a role within the organization – conforming the work around you.  This is what it means to take YOUR passion and wrap a job around it.


This is going to be constantly evolving over time.  When you were being interviewed, you filled out an Artist Informational Questionnaire.  This is what we are using to figure out where you will best fit, how we can wrap our jobs around your passions.  If at any time it does not feel like the right fit, we will work to find the job that fits your passion perfectly.  We want you to have 100% employee satisfaction, and will work to make it happen.


Namaste (EEO and Diversity Policy)


According to Urban Dictionary, Namaste is an ancient Sanskrit greeting still in everyday use in India and especially on the trail in the Nepal Himalaya. Translated roughly, it means "I bow to the God within you", or "The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you" - a knowing that we are all made from the same One Divine Consciousness.


This is, in essence, our EEO and Diversity policy.  If we act as if each of us have a small portion of a deity within us; there would be no way we could discriminate against anyone, or treat them with anything but the utmost respect.  In as much as we represent the Spirit of Aloha in our social responsibility, we have a Namaste policy in our interpersonal relations.


We shall not deny employment and advancement opportunities to anyone, regardless of their race, color, sex, pregnancy, gender, disability, genetic profile, religion, national origin, ethnic background, military service or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local law.   


Reasonable Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities -

OV complies with the American with Disabilities Act and any applicable state laws providing for equal employment opportunity for qualified individuals with disabilities. OV may also provide a reasonable accommodation for disabled individuals in accordance with these laws.

Procedure for Requesting an Accommodation for a Disabled Person –

Qualified individuals with disabilities may make requests for reasonable accommodation to Human Resources.  Limitations as a result of the disability will be discussed in a respectful manner, and we will work together to come up with mutually acceptable and creative accommodations that can be made to ensure 100% employee satisfaction. 

Citizenship and Immigration

All employees, upon being hired, must complete the employment eligibility verification form (I-9). Failure to complete the form or provide acceptable documentation will result in the withdrawal of any offer of employment.

OV will not discriminate on the basis of national origin or citizenship.

Human Resources Records

Your employment records will be maintained securely in a digital manner in order to further comply with our ‘Green as Green Can Get’ bottom line.  You are welcome to view your file at any time.  All you will need to do is send Human Resources an email.  You will receive the digital files you requested.  Please do NOT print them out, as that would be wasting precious resources of the Earth. 


Under no circumstances will your personal information be shared with anyone without your prior consent. 

 Pay Practices


All non-exempt employees will be paid overtime in accordance with state and federal law.  The Human Resources Department interprets the provisions of these laws and classifies all positions accordingly as exempt or non-exempt. Non­exempt employees are eligible for overtime pay for all hours worked over 40 hours in a work-week.  Exempt employees are not eligible for overtime pay.


Pay Day

All employees are paid on Friday.  In an effort to ensure 100% employee satisfaction, we are paid weekly to reduce the stress of reduced personal cash flow.

The Pay period runs from Monday through Sunday.  If you feel your pay is in error, and that hours were not properly calculated, please let Human Resources know so that the error can be investigated and rectified.

For those employees working virtually, please send an email to your supervisor (or to HR) at the beginning and end of your work day; at least until a more sophisticated HR information System is in place (once we grow too big for this method).

Handwritten records will be maintained at OV location where physical presence is necessary.

Leaves of Absence


We understand that things pop up in your personal life that require your immediate and sometimes prolonged attention.  We will do everything in our power to assist you in arranging your schedule around those instances. 

We fully believe in Workplace Wellness, and how can we advocate that if we are denying you the ability to do what you need to in your personal life.  If we required you to stay at work while you are worried about that situation – we would be increasing your stress, decreasing your wellness and definitely decreasing your 100% employee satisfaction.

All we ask is that you give us as much notice as is possible so that we are able to make modifications in schedules (if necessary), or determine how to adjust your position so that you can work from home (if acceptable).

Suggestion Program

Optimistic Vibe, Inc encourages employees to present to management constructive suggestions for the improvement of operations and to recognize all employees whose suggestions are properly submitted and accepted. A suggestion is defined as a constructive idea that might help solve a problem, improve operations or procedures, or make the Facility a better place to work.  To be considered for evaluation, all suggestions must be submitted in writing to the Human Resources or to your Facility Suggestion Program.

Safety and Security

Optimistic Vibe, Inc strives to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. Employees are expected to comply with all safety and health requirements whether established by management or by federal, state, or local law. If you identify an unsafe condition in the work area or with the equipment, notify us immediately.  Also, if you are injured while at work, you must immediately report this injury to your supervisor and Human Resources.

While OV will attempt to protect employees and their property in any of the OV facilities, employees must exercise reasonable care for their own protection and that of their personal property. 


Because we strive to be “As Green as Green Can Get”, we will not have you print out a form, sign it, and place in your employee files. 

Once you have read this guide – which must be within one week of being offered a position within the OV family – please send an email to OptimisticVibe@gmail.com; in the subject line write “Reference Guide”.  In the body of the email please provide your full name, the date, and acknowledgement that you have read this guide.


Thank you again, for joining the Optimistic Vibe, Inc family!