PONO IMUA cultural gift

One Native

Social Architecture...

One Native is using business for the good...

Native People don’t want a bigger piece of their pie. We want a different pie.
— Winona LaDuke

One Native is the Different Pie...

One Native is introducing the Benefit Corporation, a better way of doing business as a 'Social Purpose' to serve People, Environment, and Community.

A Benefit Corporation is a new and better way of doing business... to serve People, Environment, and Community.

Pono Imua initiative is education for the people as to how the Social Architecture of a Benefit Corporation can...

  • Provide passion-based employment, training, and growth
  • Malama for A'ina with education, advocacy, and action
  • Community for Ohana with self-reliance for seven generations

Through the Pono Imua initative, One Native is dedicated to provide through Social Architecture the resources, tools, and support to assist any business in becoming a Benefit Corporation.

Be Pono Imua... One Native is honoring a Cultural Gift to Pele's People.

When one culture visits another culture it is custom to deliver a cultural gift upon arrival. As our Ancient Elders taught us... Giving is the Greatest Reward.
— Robert John Cook

One Native is a Social Movement

One Native is delivering Pono Imua initiative to illustrate how a business can come to Hawai'i bringing a cultural gift for the people, environment, and community. The Social Purpose that a Benefit Corporation serves through Social Architecture is Pono Imua.

Social Architecture of Self-Reliance

from the author of Optimistic Vibe...

Robert John Cook is offering all of us a shared hand to improve our streets, our culture, our senses and our lives. His ancestors arrived here four hundred years ago searching for a particular salvation—and Robert has presented now a program which will shine a light.
— Maxwell Taylor Kennedy

One Native

Many thanks to the Small Business Development Centers of the University of Massachusetts, and the University of Hawai’i, after five years One Native delivers Pono Imua initiative to showcase Social Architecture as a re-designed Business Model.

One Native is the energy behind the social experiment called Pono Imua, to illustrate Self-Reliance as the re-designed Business Model for building a community of intention for People and Environment through Social Architecture.

One Native is delivering Pono Imua, bringing a positive shift, positive energy being applied to making the world a better place through intelligent Social Architecture as a Benefit Corporation. A proven concept of Self-Reliance that dates back five hundred native years to Plymouth Rock… America’s 1st Intentional Community.

From Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock

One Native is doing right going forward... sponsoring Education For The People through the Pono Imua initiative.

The Pono Imua initiative advocates that the Industrial Age has served its purpose of advancing humankind. The Pono Imua initiative is making the statement that the old methods from the Industrial Age no longer fit today’s needs. It's time for a different pie.

We can’t solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created the problem.
— Albert Einstein

One Native is the voice of each of us that have awakened our native pride. One Native is those of us who have reached inside our cultural ancestry and recognize it's time we follow in the foot steps of our Ancient Elders.

One Native is the new method of thinking, providing the opportunity, resources, and platform for the next generation to prosper self-reliantly with gentleness and kindness that comes from way down deep inside our native pride.

All of us have native pride. All of us are One Native. One Love. One Native. One Earth.

Pono Imua initiative is educating the public a better way of business doing business. Styled after Bhutan and the Gross National Happiness Index, Pono Imua initiative is the business approach that fits the Bhutan format for delivering goodness to the People, Environment, and Community.

One Native is delivering the message that Pono Imua stands for good being provided to People, Environment, and Community.

Benefit Corporation is a 'Social Purpose':

Social Architecture for People

Social Architecture for Environment

Social Architecture for Community