Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation

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Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation

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One Native is funding our project with... the Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation supports people using business as a force of good to serve People, Environment, and Community.

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There is a story about a professor greeting a stranger who walked into the room.

The professor stood perfectly still, and what he said to the stranger will take your breath away.

The two of them stood silent looking at one another until the professor broke the silence with a statement and a request to the stranger.

The professor said, “I feel the presence of my daughter in the room.”  The stranger smiled but said nothing, just observed the professor.  The next thing the professor said was “my daughter passed away and I feel her presence.”

The stranger acknowledged the professor with empathy.

The next thing Dr. Cliff Robins said was “may I give you a hug”.

The professor’s daughter’s name is Julie Ellen Robins.  The stranger’s name is Robert John Cook.

Robert John Cook wrote the book Optimistic Vibe working hand in hand with Dr. Cliff Robbins. The function of Optimistic Vibe is to help people, environment, and community.

Julie Ellen Robins Foundation is “Pay it Forward” by giving a One Hand Up to those starting their own Benefit Corporation delivering goodness to people, education, and community.

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With your generous donation to Optimistic Vibe

  • Tiny Home Sisterhood will help mothers with children
  • Tiny Home Big Heart will donate tiny homes to homeless US Veterans
  • Welcome Home will help struggling US veterans with free music lessons
  • One Hand Up will provide young people the resources, tools, and platform to grow.
  • One Living Green will create tiny homes using wooden pallets to improve our environment
  • Education For The People will provide the public free community advocacy and action.
  • Seven Teachings will provide love, honesty, respect, truth, courage, humility, and wisdom as our ‘About’ in the workplace.
  • Wisdom of Elders will get Elders assisting Young People to bring their dreams to life.
  • Pono Imua will deliver the value, and educate, that a Benefit Corporation serves to the public
  • Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation will provide young people the ‘pay it forward’ start-up funding to bring their Benefit Corporation to life.

Your generous gift will help to keep Julie Ellen Robbins memories alive while improving the lives of others.

In the spirit of true partnership, Optimistic Vibe is matching your donation with a donation of equal size.

Our matching donations go directly into the Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation, professionally managed by Carbonaro CPAs & Management Group.

Your donations within the United State are tax deductible