'What is it like to work for Optimistic Vibe?' by Rochelle Madera

Since I am new to the workings of Optimistic Vibe...

This week i spent a lot of time taking in a lot of information, going through websites and trying to understand what this project is all about. While reading the website i saw a Quote by Robert John Cook that spoke to me and it was "Passion is our tiny voice leading us to our life of happiness."

I think to many people ignore that voice and it leads to people walking around with their spirits stuffed into a box and locked away deep inside us. It is so important to never break your spirits wings, always let it soar towards the things in life that will make you happy and a better person. That is something that I feel Optimistic Vibe understands as well.

We all should be doing our part to help make the world a place that is sustainable and positive for the generations to come and that is why I am truly excited to work with this project. I feel as though I am doing something to help the world take one more little step in a direction that helps the community learn to respect the 'aina and allow the 'aina to provide for us.

I am looking forward to doing everything i can to help spread the message of Optimistic Vibe through social media while raising funds for this project to come to life. There is a quote from Robert Collier that is "success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out" and I think that if the world continues to produce people like those at Optimistic Vibe who are willing to keep taking these small steps every day then the planet we leave our children will be a place that is worth living in. 

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