'How to appreciate Wisdom of Elder' by Jeanne L. Rasmussen

Wisdom of Elders

I get so excited every day when I have figured out how to do something new.  Today was no different. 

I now can create a “Notebook” in Evernote.  And my Notebook name is “Contacts”.  This is to list names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and then to “share” it with others. For me working on a computer is something I enjoy.  Learning, however, can be overwhelming and a challenge.

Here’s what I did; I googled for a tutorial on the program I wanted to learn.  It walks you through step by step.  Some programs are very complex and I find taking my time and learning a bit at a time works best.  Seriously, I made some goofy mistakes and I had to delete everything and start over.  The good thing is I figured out how to hit the “delete” button.

The important things to remind yourself are to get over your “fear” of trying something new.  I was taught nothing ventured, nothing gained.  That was from my wise mother.

So, as an elder I feel we have wisdom to share, and better yet it’s wonderful to learn something new and then be able to share it with others?