Why 'Native Spirituality' honors our Elders


'Native Spirituality'

One Native honors each Gift that Great Spirit puts before us. 

Our Elders are a Gift from Great Spirit. We inspire our Elders to teach us. We seek counsel from their experience and history with love, honesty, respect, truth, courage, humility, and wisdom.

Our Elders are Important for the needed service they provide young people. Our Elders are Valued for the teachings they hand down to us. Our Elders are Loved because they are the foundation of our community.

Our Elders walk the talk for People, our Environment, and our Community.

One Native honors our Elders with Wisdom of Elders

We welcome you to consider the Wisdom Of Elders Foundation so our Elders can work together and build One Hand Up to provide young people the resources, platform, and tools to bring their vision to life.

Wisdom of Elders Foundation
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Wisdom of Elders Foundation... it's our turn, together we can do our part. And here is our chance!


Thank You!
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