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"ONE NATIVE is the empowerment of the people by connecting them with the wisdom of Ancient Elders' teachings to Awaken and care for Self and Environment by providing opportunity and community for self-reliance through social architecture for the next seven generations to come."

‘ONE NATIVE’ is a cultural gift to the Hawai’ian Nation. Our ‘Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation’ is One Native writing a New Story with Optimistic Vibe offering Wisdom of Elders. We are hiring a person filled with passion for Cultural Advocacy.


·       Pono Imua initative is the driver for everything Optimisitc Vibe is designed to do. Every bit of social marketing has to broadcast that Pono Imua is the cultural gift designed to deliver Benefit Corporations widespread across the island because of the tremendous value the B-Corp delivers to People, Environment, and Community.

·       The purpose of the Julie Ellen Robbins Foundation is to fund the resources, tools, and platform and start-up capital for an employee to bring their B-Corp project to life.

·       Optimistic Vibe was designed at a university level by professionals to introduce a model that conforms to the government’s improved hybrid type of corporation called a Benefit Corportation

·       The goal of Optimistic Vibe is different from a business, our mission is Pono Imua… to deliver good to people, environment, and community.

·       As a Benefit Corporation, in the next twelve months Optimistic Vibe will be financially set, at that point we deliver Education For The People to the Community at the Paperchase Café Coffeehouse

·       Education For The People is focused on providing the public free access to advocacy of social concerns effecting people, environment, and community.

·       Be intuitive, create social media from existing Brochures, or create new.

·       Inspire others, each person on the team is responsible to issue a weekly blog that focuses on one of the points delineated in this document

·       Be a natural Visionary, publish what we feel, from the heart, with passion as our primary objective for each social marketing posted – no exceptions!

·       Invent things, show our creative edge with each weekly blog, experiment with creativity, be bold.

·       Have unmatched intelligence, package film documentary into every social marketing media piece as One Native for Seven Teachings, Teachers for LoveLiving, Cultural Leaders for One Native, Builder for 'Garden By The Sea', TedTalks Presenters for Optimistic Vibe.

·       To enter the culture of Pele it is appropriate for one culture to deliver a gift upon arrival. Optimistic Vibe is a cultural gift to Pele’s people. A function of the gift that Optimistic Vibe is means we walk gently through Pele’s garden in paradise. We walk gently with the simple joys of a simple routine in Hawai'i.

·       Be very creative, make ‘Our Own Pie’ message. “From Plymouth Rock to Standing Rock… One Native doesn’t want to ask for more of their pie. One Native is creating a different pie, a better pie... for people, environment, and community.” – RJC

·       Translate the preface of RJC’s book into social marketing updates for addressing the social concerns Optimistic Vibe is designed to address.

•       As part of Education For The People... Wisdom of Elders is an opportunity for inter-generational conversations between Seniors and School Children, with Members of the Tiny Home Sisterhood acting as liaisons.

•       Wisdom of Elders is a program developed to provide a platform of handing down, Elder to Child, lessons in life that will provide the tools for Empowerment, Passion, and Confidence.

•        The Wisdom of Elders project is Seniors offering One Hand Up assistance to the Tiny Home Sisterhood members that value guidance, wisdom, and healthy advice from those who have lived it.

•       The Wisdom of Elders project is members of the Tiny Home Sisterhood delivering to school children via classroom workshops, children exploring the enjoyment of 'interviewing' their Elders with an important opportunity to capture and share in their life lesson message.

•       Create a video in Hawai’i and organize Senior activity, and publish our marketing material to get the word out about One Hand Up, and the school workshop program for the school children.

•       Introduce Wisdom of Elders,to members of the Tiny Home Sisterhood and our audience.

Pay +

·       $12+ per hour to start, help us grow

·       Tiny Home could be available should you need housing

·       Airfare, one way from the Mainland for the right person

Fine Print

·       We need to hire NOW, this Help Wanted offer expires Labor Day, 2017

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