Pallet Bracing System


Pallet Bracing System


One Native is funding our project with... Tiny Home Sisterhood is providing a One Hand Up opportunity to a Single Mother, Veteran, with Children, a Tiny Home built from Wooden Pallets... we need to fabricate the Pallet Bracing System

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Tiny Home Sisterhood is proud to present...

Cleaning up our environment

No more throwing away those wooden pallets!

Everything in Hawai'i is brought to the island via boat on Wooden Pallets. The Wooden Pallets are not collected and sent back, the Wooden Pallets remain on the island.

Tiny Home Sisterhood has collected many Wooden Pallets that currently fill landfills, or worse yet, taken out to the sea and dumped. With our unique Pallet Bracing System we are constructing Tiny Homes from the Wooden Pallets. We are using the Wooden Pallets and Pallet Bracing System for the Framing. The exterior walls that cover the wooden pallet framing is selected from a variety of salvaged materials. Similarly, the material selected for the interior walls that cover the wooden pallet framing is decided upon during the Design Consultation.

Pallet Bracing + Wooden Pallets

Tiny Home Big Heart

Single Mother + Homeless Veteran + Children In Need

Here's what your important Gift does:

What: We need to hire an Architect to furnish Design Drawings to support fabricating the metal pallet bracing system so we can build the prototype model

Where: We will be showcasing the prototype model of the metal pallet bracing system at our Tiny Home Community Conversations to the public while filming footage for our presentation to HGTv for our nationally televised show 'Tiny Home Hawai'i'

When: Our first Tiny Home Community Conversation is October 14th, we are moving quickly (with your important support!)

Why: The Tiny Home Sisterhood has gathered and collected many wooden pallets. From our Tiny Home Big Heart basecamp at A'ama Farm in Hawai'i we are super excited to help our sisters in need with using our Pallet Bracing System to structurally connect wooden pallets together and provide her a Tiny Home for FREE.

To fabricate the Pallet Bracing System, the Tiny Home Sisterhood needs your support so we can provide Mom a One Hand Up opportunity so she can provide her family shelter.

Blessings for your kindness in supporting Tiny Home Big Heart.

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Thank You!!!