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To raise funding for our Tiny Home Big Heart project... Tiny Home Sisterhood is proud to offer you a 1st of its Kind: Tiny Home General Store!

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Our mission is simple...

Tiny Home Big Heart

Tiny Home Sisterhood is establishing a One Hand Up workplace for single mothers in need. Through the Tiny Home Big Heart Project we are generating self-sustaining revenue to provide single mothers in need financial opportunity. To generate revenue for Tiny Home Big Heart we are offering you Tiny Home General Store with all the tools and material we use in building our basecamp model 'Cottage By The Sea'. 

Our future plans... the front of our retail space will be home to our consignment store of Tiny Home tools and supplies. The back of our retail shop is our warehouse where we gather and store salvage material. In our storage yard, we build Tiny Homes.

And in the evening after our Tiny Home General Store is closed, the Tiny Home General Store becomes a meeting place for members of the Tiny Home Sisterhood to gather in our Circle of Life and share. The purpose of the Tiny Home General Store is our Community Resource Center meant to serve the community of sisters in need. 

We welcome you to join us in building our Community Resource Center. For a limited time offer... Your generous support will entitle you to a 20% discount for life on everything offered by our Consignment Store, Warehouse Salvage Material, and online items such as Tiny Home Books, Videos, Hand Tools, Tools, and selected Supplies.

Designed by Heart. Built with Confidence.

Thank you for your kindness in supporting the Tiny Home Big Heart project.

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