Do It Yourself Kit Consultation

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tiny-house-3 (1).jpg

Do It Yourself Kit Consultation

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To raise funding for our Tiny Home Big Heart project... Tiny Home Sisterhood is proud to offer you a one-on-one consultation for your Do It Yourself Kit.

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Design & Build Your Temple

Do It Yourself Kit

Join the Tiny Home Sisterhood's Design & Build Team as we design and package your DIY Kit.

Our mission is simple...

Tiny Home Big Heart

Tiny Home Sisterhood is establishing a One Hand Up workplace for single mothers in need. Through the Tiny Home Big Heart project we are generating self-sustaining revenue to provide single mothers in need financial opportunity. To generate revenue for Tiny Home Big Heart we are offering you a Do It Yourself Kit of our basecamp model 'Cottage By The Sea'. 

Considering a low cost Tiny Home that you can build yourself? In your own backyard? Tiny Home Sisterhood is offering you A-Z consultation to walk you through every step of the way. Drawings & Instructions is being developed by single mothers in need. You can help!

We invite you to see the option of using our Pallet Bracing System and no-cost wooden pallets found most everywhere. 

Designed by Heart. Built with Confidence.

Thank you for your kindness in supporting the Tiny Home Big Heart project.

No Money > No Problem,,, this item is available for barter, learn more at Fair Trade


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