Design Consultation

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Design Consultation


To raise funding for our Tiny Home Big Heart project... Tiny Home Sisterhood is proud to offer you a one-on-one Design Consultation for your 'Cottage By The Sea'.

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'Cottage By The Sea'

Designed by Heart, Built with Confidence

These is music and waves crashing and scents and flavor and thought and love and time...


  • Invite Nature Indoors
  • Select your Windows
  • Select your Lifestyle

Outdoor Shower & Bathtub

  • Options Available
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Design your Dream

Covered Lanai Cooking Area

  • Island-style Kitchen
  • Outdoor Living
  • Many Options To Choose From

Ample Storage Space

  • We LOVE Storage!
  • Custom Built Storage Shed
  • We Cater To Your Needs
  • FREE Storage Shed With Every Order


  • Sunday Afternoons at 'HOME'
  • Serene to Host

Creative Studio

  • Writer's Den for Anaïs Nin
  • Customer to your Creativity

Five Star Kitchen

  • The Heart of 'HOME'
  • Many Options To Choose From
  • Create Your Dream Kitchen
  • FREE Consultation

Attached Carport

  • FREE Lanai for your Car!
  • Design Options Available
  • Bring Your Dreams To Life At 'HOME'

Solar, Water, Off-Grid

  • Alternative Lifestyles Welcomed!

  • Off-Grid Living is Island Living

Finance, Barter, or Fair Trade

  • Pricing starts at $9,999
  • Barter and Fair Trade
  • YES! YES! YES!

CALL (808) 250-8975

No Money > No Problem,,, this item is available for barter, learn more at Fair Trade

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