“Optimistic Vibe Hawai’i” is a film documentary

“Optimistic Vibe Hawai’i” is a film documentary we are creating for our entry into the Sundance Film Festival.

Following four+ years of collaborating with the Small Business Development Network of the University of Massachusetts, and the University of Hawai’i. 'Optimistic Vibe Hawai'i' is a cultural gift of Aloha to our beautiful Hawai'ian friends. The purpose of ‘Optimistic Vibe Hawai’i’

Instead of asking for a bigger piece of their pie, we are creating our own pie. It's called Optimistic Vibe!

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Scene 1: Native American 'Shoulder To The Wheel'

EMPHASIS: Going back 400 Native Years to a time when humankind was the Happiest on the planet Earth. “Optimistic Vibe Hawai’i” will illustrate the reason for the Happiness: The global Seven Teachings of Love, Honesty, Respect, Truth, Courage, Humility, and Wisdom.

PORTRAYAL: ‘Optimistic Vibe Hawai’i’ will showcase interviewing Kiana, a currently homeless Hawai'ian female Military Veteran with children, and discussing/showing hands on activity Seven Teachings being applied to Tiny Home Big Heart project for Oprah.

Scene 2: Future Built with Action Not Words

EMPHASIS: Depicting Self-Sustainability through Collaboration using Seven Teachings, ‘Optimistic Vibe Hawai’i’ will highlight the comparison between Optimistic Vibe as a business/collaborative project, and the successful Pilgrim Mayflower sustainable community ‘Plimoth’ that flourished 400 Native Years ago using proven Self-Sustainability techniques.

PORTRAYAL: Footage will show Author Jim Shannon (et al) being interviewed and discussing inspiring, intellectual, and uplifting viewpoints and perspectives that connects the proven sustainable practices of ‘Plimoth’ and Optimistic Vibe’s self-sustainable Tiny Homes at our Aloha E Ola Ana community in Hawai’i.

Scene 3: Native Fair Trade

EMPHASIS: ‘Optimistic Vibe Hawai’i’ will highlight four hundred native years past when Money did not exist, and how Fair Trade/Barter was the tool of currency.

PORTRAYAL: Filming of our superstar Millennium, Carrie, via Education For The People will provide colorful action of entertaining details of ‘One Hand Up’ on-the-job training at the Tiny Home Sisterhood’s ‘Tiny Home Resource Center’. Carrie of Tiny Home Sisterhood will demonstrate her Fair Trade of a ‘One Hand Up’ opportunity for Tiny Home ownership, Employment, and Community at Aloha E Ola Ana.

Scene 4: Collaboration

EMPHASIS: ‘Optimistic Vibe Hawai’i’ will feature combining Seven Teachings with the genius of Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Your Passion is a Spiritual Gift’, John Lennon’s ‘Evolution to overcome Fear’, Walt Disney’s ‘The distance between Vision and Reality is a To Do List’, Steve Jobs’ ‘Passion pulls You’, Wright Brothers’ ‘We just Knew’, and Oprah Winfrey’s ‘Passion leads to Purpose’.

PORTRAYAL: ‘Optimistic Vibe Hawai’i’ will show Dawn processing her self-discovering to support her awakening of her ‘LoveLiving Journey’.

Scene 5: Tepees For The Tribe

EMPHASIS: To connect Seven Teachings with Action, not words, with Fair Trade opportunity in a collaborative setting, ‘Optimistic Vibe Hawai’i’ will illustrate the amazing results when positive energy is applied to the Carrie’s ‘Truth Within’ in the redefined workplace.

PORTRAYAL: Footage will be shown of Barrie Rose of HGTV fame, and Barrie’s HGTV co-star from Waimea, discussing their inspiring passion for living a native-origin alternative off-grid lifestyle. Carrie, the ‘Truth Within’ star of ‘Optimistic Vibe Hawai’i’, will use her passion to shape “How-To Tiny Home Hawai'i” for national syndication on HGTV.

Scene 6: Envious Lifestyle of Passion

EMPHASIS: To add entertainment to ‘Optimistic Vibe Hawai’i’ the soundtrack will be live recordings of the Optimistic Vibe Band performing at Music For The People beach events around the island.

PORTRAYAL: In preparation to entertain, Summer Washko will be filmed processing Balance & Renewal to provide well-rounded wellness via Meditation For The People. ‘Optimistic Vibe Hawai’i’ will show Summer hosting/explaining Music For The People pot luck sunset beach gig delivering Gathering of Optimism to Marta Barreras at Kohala/Konaside beach pavilions from Ho’okena to Honoka’a, and interviewing footage with Richard Bodien, and David Gnomes.

Final Scene: ‘Optimistic Vibe Hawai’i’ closing scene will be footage of all the film stars manning the booth at the Portland Tiny House Conference. The fading final image/still is Portland Airport scene of film stars heading to Austin, Texas with Willie Nelson’s bandmate, Steven ‘Mudslide’ Welsh, to introduce Music For The People’s ‘Welcome Home’ project to Toby Keith.

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