Hawai'i... Wellness... You?

Hawai'i Wellness

We are hiring a Blogger with passion for native roots going back to the Ancient Elders. We are delivering LoveLiving Wellness to our audience. We are hiring based on passion for wellness in Hawai’i.

•    Teach/blog one of the Seven Teachings to expose One Native as a continuum of the Ancient Elders’ Law of Spiritual Success.
•    Have a connection to spirit, be the One Native advocating ‘Support Your Awakening’ to follow your passion.
•    Be a Truth Seeker, use your weekly blog to express what it feels like to be working on a film documentary called One Native.
•    Be the gift to teach in an uplifting way, deliver one of the Seven Teachings as a message of One Native teaching the Power of Ancient Elders when we apply Seven Teachings within our 70,000 thoughts each day. Offer 3 Day Island Tour in EVERY social marketing posting.
•    Social market LoveLiving teaching the emotional stability of love, honesty, respect, truth, courage, humility, and wisdom.
•    Deliver Education For The People teaching self-reliance. Offer LILY Education For The People in EVERY social marketing posting.
•    Be sentimental about your past. Be socially active everywhere! Fill up the events calendar for People, events calendar for Environment, and events calendar for Community.
•    Have alot of energy, show your excitement, be larger than life with enthusiasm!
•    Express your spiritual in nature, with a calm outlook, renewed by inner attitude of love, honesty, truth, courage, humility, and wisdom.

Pay +
•    $12+ per hour to start, help us grow
•    Tiny Home could be available should you need housing
•    Airfare, one way from the Mainland for the right person

Fine Print
•    We need to hire NOW, this Help Wanted offer expires Labor Day, 2017

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