LoveLiving Journey

To write his book about a lifestyle of Passion, Robert John Cook had to overcome Fear. At the foundation of upgrading his Lifestyle to Passion, through healing Robert developed LoveLiving Wellness based on upgrading six primary needs: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, and Financial.

Of the 70,000 thoughts per day processed, apply the Seven Teachings to each decision the seven virtues of love, honesty, respect, truth, courage, humility, and wisdom. Six primary needs times Seven Teachings equals forty-two wellness workshops called LoveLiving Journey.

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"We are all longing to go home to some place we have never been - a place half-remembered and half-envisioned we can only catch glimpses of from time to time. Community. Somewhere, there are people to whom we can speak with passion without having the words catch in our throats. Somewhere a circle of hands will open to receive us, eyes will light up as we enter, voices will celebrate with us whenever we come into our own power. Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing. A circle of friends. Someplace where we can be free." -- Starhawk

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Passion from your Truth Within

Seven Teachings and 28 Workbook Challenges... Discover your Passion of Self!

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Seven Teachings

 Introducing the Wellness of Passion, discover the tools to explore your Truth Within. Develop the techniques to to bring your dream to life!

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