International Gathering of Elders


Gathering of Elders...

Sisterhood Ohana is a re-defined workplace, based on the Ancient Elders Seven Teachings.

Robert John Cook, founder of Sisterhood Ohana, through the wisdom and courage of his ancestors is bringing to our time the Ancient Elder’s Seven Teachings.

Our elders knew we are here to guide, through the Ancient Elders Seven Teachings, love, honesty, respect, truth, courage, humility, and wisdom. Elders from around the world respect these seven virtues, and now, the elders of today are teaching these skills to the younger generation and their children through Tiny Home Sisterhood.

We believe that the way to remain optimistic, visionary, and inclusive, is to practice these seven virtues in action, in the NOW. We are in that Now, as a collective.

Stay tuned as we announce the first annual International Gathering of Elders as a feature of Social Architecture via Wisdom of EldersOne Hand Up.

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