'In The Blink Of An Eye'


In The Blink Of An Eye,
When the lid is shut you transcend the Curtain,
When the lid reopens you return to the present moment,
You had gone Home for a month.

In The Blink Of An Eye,
7 Billion flowers of love on the planet,
First breath to last, each breathe in between searching for Love,
Visit the Garden of Love for answer,
You sort through the flowers to see who has been selected,
You recognize them by their ability to be happy,
They are preparing for Home.

Reentry from the other side, you bring back no memory of your journey,
But the residual Gut Feel eats at you to follow our Passion,
You try to follow your Passion and open every door,
Fear tries to block your entry into the garden,
The spiritual energy that comes from your Passion opens doors,
You have a tool box to fight Fear with,
A Road Map from Déjà vu you follow,
You were sent by Great Spirit to find the answer,
Why do we search for Love our entire lives?
— Robert John Cook



Chapter 1

In The Blink Of An Eye

  • Lily is the main character, Lily, using I Ching as a spiritual road map.
  • Brand Lily’s entire life of Trauma as the character, going from rock bottom to a power surge following catching a glimpse

Chapter 2

When the lid is shut Lily transcends the Curtain

  • A trail called 'Path of Passion' forming a LoveLiving Journey

Chapter 3

When the lid reopens Lily returns to the present moment

  • Lily catches a Glimpse, happenstance her ‘Assistant’ sees it to, (draws them together) to tell the world they have been to the other side of the curtain

Chapter 4

Lily had gone Home for a month.

Chapter 5

Catch a Glimpse

  • Déjà vu
  • Lily is a passion-based traveler, with Assistant, going back and forth via I Ching et al road map between the curtain like a spy novel suspence thriller

Chapter 6

In The Blink Of An Eye

  • Script interpreted by I Ching, Zodiac, Horoscope, Astrology, Numerology, etc.

Chapter 7

Seven Billion Flowers of Love on the planet

  • Gather supporting cast from a wellness platform of amazing evolution of Passion
  • A description of universal Nature as the Garden (by the sea) that Lily lives in

Chapter 8

Visit the Garden of Love (By The Sea)

  • Lily lives in a 'Garden By The Sea'.
  • Lily building ‘Cottage By The Sea’
  • Lily’s community lives in 'Garden By The Sea'
  • Endorphins will build 'Garden By The Sea'
  • Lily's Assistant, social markets offering 'Cottage By The Sea' to gather Believers of Passion to defeat Fear to complete Mission

Chapter 9

Lily sort through the flowers to see who has been selected

  • Community of Education For The People as the megaphone for Passion
  • Each character represents one of 42 boxes of LoveLiving Journey
  • Everything happening for a reason to make Lily the woman of passion she is designed to be of 42 boxes
  • Lily walks to Lily’s workspace at Paperchase Café Coffeehouse, blogs on Paperchase Café magazine as Education For The People to spread passion news
  • Paperchase Café Coffeehouse down the street from ‘Cottage By The Sea’ in the village of Ho'nokaa
  • Success is Supreme: The gates to Success are open to serve the vision of JERF shared by David & Nana and Lily.
  • A spiritual portal that funds intrigue of suspense in 196 cultures via the Paperchase Cafe Coffeehouse international adventures

Chapter 10

Lily recognize them by their ability to be happy

  • Each of the stories characters are emotional intelligence characterizations.
  • Lily going from 'Path of Passion' to LoveLiving Journey to 'Garden By The Sea' Workshops.

Chapter 11

They are preparing for Home.

 Chapter 12

Reentry from the other side, Lily bring back no memory of Lilyr journey

  • Sent on a Mission from Great Spirit that powers Lily's ability to be a passion-based traveler going back and forth

Chapter 13

But the residual Gut Feel eats at Lily to follow her Passion,

  • Action from living the LoveLiving lifestyle brand as Lily’s armament
  • Ali’i Dancewalk Meditation is the spiritual location of Lily’s endorphins
  • Battling Fear as a defender of Passion (or the world will suffer), like in a video game
  • Collector of love from Just Be Happy
  • Dancewalk with one I Ching teaching at a time is how the roadmap is revealed
  • Lily's Action of lifestyle upgrade
  • Meditation stiffens Lily's spine for ego-separation to purge mental trash through renewal of Lily's inner attitude

Chapter 14

Lily try to follow Lilyr Passion and open every door

  • I Ching et al road map between the curtain, suspence thriller

Chapter 15

Fear tries to block Lilyr entry into the garden

  • Lily’s spiritual endorsement from practicing Seven Teachings

Chapter 16

The spiritual energy that comes from her Passion opens doors

  • 'Path of Passion' is a lifestyle brand to gather Believers of Passion
  • One Native is the spiritual energy from Mother Nature the Great Spirit

Chapter 17

Lily have a tool box to fight Fear with

  • Save one flower in the garden at a time with Passion.
  • LoveLiving at 'Garden By The Sea' Workshops builds Believers of Passion
  • Adele: Love over Want: Desire for Need is Passion, desire for Want is Fear. Inner independence from Need attains a higher level of tranquility so Lily can ‘keep still’.
  • David: Honesty over Inner Conflicts: Correct attitude with strict inner discipline to Lily’s principles of seven teachings to quiet Lily’s ego and allow great creative power to work and everything will work out correctly through firm perseverance.
  • Respect over Negative Thoughts: Concern from negative inner gaze into other’s business has its roots in fear and doubt.
  • Truth over Slanders; Imagination comparing other’s path of Passion by inner gaze at other’s following their path is fear seeking results.
  • Courage over Frustration and Anger: Renew Lily's Inner Attitude with diligence, sincerity, and resolution.
  • Henry: Humility over Ego Results-Seeking: Don't let ego waste time trying to constantly measure events, goals, and progress, it’s results-seeking ‘thinking', just follow Lily’s passion and Great Spirit will provide solutions.
  • Albert: Wisdom over Petty Elements: Success is Supreme, Difficulty at the Beginning, ‘Persevere, things will work out.’ Everything that happens has good purpose which will reveal themselves later.
  • Bring love, moon, futurist, and OV book together

Chapter 18

A Road Map from Déjà vu Lily follow

  • Lily lives the brand of Creative Genius with Passion write Lily’s masterpiece
  • 'Path of Passion' is a series of missions (one mission per book)
  • good v. evil, passion v. fear

Chapter 19

Lily is revealing the ‘Secret’.

  • Lily's mission to defeat the enemy, Fear
  • Bring Passion to the world and the ‘secret’ why we are all searching for love will be revealed
  • Defeat Fear to get to the ‘secret’ in an amazing movie with a script written by Great Spirit
  • Evolution of humankind is to defeat mind’s control room of fear-based radar
  • Success is Supreme, Leave Lily’s Mark

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