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Optimistic Vibe was designed at a university level by professionals to introduce...

Optimistic Vibe is a model that conforms to the government’s improved hybrid type of corporation called a Benefit Corporation.

Why is being a Benefit Corporation important to you, your children, and your Ohana?

Should we really wish to make the world a better place, we have to start with the proper tools.

Benefit Corporation allows Optimistic Vibe the proper tool for a different form of business approach.

Imagine Native Roots designing a business model based on the teachings from our Ancient Elders?

A way of 'doing business' for countless generations, handed down and practiced by cultures since forever.

Social Architecture

As a Benefit Corporation we can deliver our mission... Pono Imua to deliver good to people, environment, and community.

As a Benefit Corporation, we can deliver Education For The People to the Community.

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