When we look past Plymouth Rock, when we look past Standing Rock... we find our Ancient Elders awakening every culture around the world to build our own rock, and together we become the optimistic vibe of One Native.
— Robert John Cook

One Love

Goodhearted Folks are gathering as One Native

No Negative. No Blame. No Judgement. Just positive energy collaborating, young and old alike.


We are out to make the world a little better with passion for a really good plan.

Our mission is kindness...The empowerment of the people by connecting good-hearted folks with the wisdom of Ancient Elders' teachings to Awaken and care for Self and Environment by providing opportunity and community for self-reliance through social architecture for the next seven generations to come.

Robert John Cook lives the values, and he is committed to community—offering all of us a shared hand to improve our streets, our culture, our senses and our lives. His ancestors arrived here four hundred years ago searching for a particular salvation—and he has presented now a program which will shine a light.
— Maxwell Taylor Kennedy

One Native is...


All People are Important. You are Valued. And You are Loved.

One Native is...


Our Mother Earth is our Brothers and Sisters of Nature. We are Real Green.

One Native is...


Our Purpose: To Build The Home We Are All Longing For.