We are going back...

'Hawai'i Life' being filmed for HGTV

Following our last appearance

Optimistic Vibe is returning to HGTV following our appearance with the first Optimistic Vibe Basecamp -- colorfully designed and sculpted to HGTV liking!

Sisterhood Ohana is currently searching for the vibrant star, a single mother ready to champion her positive attitude and passion to stand on her mountaintop. All to teach her child how success is done... a trail of passion, commitment, and perseverance delivering the lifestyle she has dreamt of, all in front of a weekly camera for our presentation to HGTV of 'Alternative Homes Hawai'i'.

Film Documentary

One Native

One Native film documentary is the story of a group of multi-cultural international people serving our children's children for the next Seven Generations by delivering cultural gifts, around the world, by looking at social concerns that impact culture, and applying Social Architecture in a collaborative setting connecting existing local cultural resources to benefit people, environment, and community.

The star of our HGTV presentation 'Alternative Homes Hawai'i' will be reaching out to the wonderful Elizabeth Robbins, publicist extraordinaire, and collaborating with the Production Staff currently filming 'Hawai'i Life' on location Big Island, and Honua Studios in Kona, Hawai'i, to appeal to Hollywood's Elizabeth Grey for our entry into Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival.


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