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Following four+ years of research and consultation with the Small Business Development Centers of the University of Massachusetts, and the University of Hawai’i

One Native film documentary is the make you feel good story of a triumphant group of amazing multi-cultural international people serving the next Seven Generations by delivering cultural gifts by looking at social concerns that impact culture, and applying Social Architecture in a collaborative setting connecting existing local cultural resources to benefit people, environment, and community.

Who are we?

Optimistic Vibe’ is a book written by Robert John Cook.

“Robert John Cook is committed to his community--offering all of us a shared hand to improve our streets, our culture, our senses and our lives. His ancestors arrived here four hundred years ago searching for a particular salvation--and he has presented now a program which will shine a light.” Max Kennedy

What do you want to make?

Through the Native Pride of Social Architecture, with assistance from our Wisdom of Elders, we are handcrafting our Community Homespace so Elders and Young People can meet and grow together.

We are doing something...

Going back 400 Native Years to a time when the public education system was Self-Reliance of Seven Teachings: Love, Honesty, Respect, Truth, Courage, Humility, and Wisdom.

What’s our plan?

The 'One Native' film documentary is a collection of selected social media that capture our Action, not words. Our plan is to issue an Action video of real transparency, for each task necessary to build Community Homespace to prove our Self-Reliance experiment.

What’s our schedule?

Our film documentary is a six month project. Our start date for film documentary production commences September 19, 2018. This is when we will launch our Kickstarter campaign. Our post-production completion is scheduled for 2019.

Why do we care?

Optimistic Vibe is a re-invented business model that serves people, environment, and community by addressing social concerns rather than addressing money through profit and greed.

We’re passionate about our project and committed to making it happen.

Our project is built on Vincent Van Gogh’s beautiful words… Your passion is spiritual in calling.

Optimistic Vibe has been blessed with Gifts that opens doors, sometimes beyond belief, other times the Gifts are so blatant we laugh aloud together. We are being guided on a remarkable journey that will make any viewer of our film documentary feel good. Stay tuned, and please  SHARE.

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